The Shift in Focus from Ukraine to the Middle East Raises the Chances of World War

The neoconservative/Netanyahu agenda of reopening the Middle East wars in the interest of Greater Israel has shoved Ukraine off the screen.  The possibility of overthrowing Syria and Iran offers a much greater possibility of discomforting Russia.  The neocons have wanted revenge on Putin ever since he stopped Obama’s overthrow of Assad, which, with Iraq already overthrown, would leave only Iran in Israel’s way.

The shift in focus from Ukraine to the Middle East is made clear by the story planted in the Washington Post, long regarded as a CIA asset, that Ukraine was responsible for blowing up the Nord Sea pipeline. The responsibility is handed to Ukrainian colonel Roman Cherinsky who allegedly led a six-person sabotage team. 

Col. Chervinsky denied having any part in the pipeline’s destruction.  He said: “All speculations about my involvement in the attack on Nord Stream are being spread by Russian propaganda without any basis.”  It is curious that Chervinsky thinks the Washington Post is a Russian asset instead of a CIA/neocon one. The planted story signals Washington’s abandonment of Zelensky.

So, again Washington has destroyed a country and its population before moving on to a more promising opportunity. For two years the media was crowded with forecasts of Russia’s imminent defeat in Ukraine.  The British press was the most ridiculous in its pronouncements of Russia’s doom.  Suddenly, defeated Ukraine is off the headlines.

We await the consequence of the shift in focus.  Will Hezbollah and Iran be sucked into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Israel’s ongoing massacre of Palestinians?  If not, will the neoconservatives orchestrate a false flag attack that provides excuse and support for a US/Israeli attack on Syria, Lebanon and Iran?  What else is the purpose of the rapidly assembled large US military force in the Middle East? Will Putin stand aside as US/Israeli hegemony is established over the Middle East?  Will the Muslim world accept its designation as a dispensable  life form and collapse in impotence?  Can China afford to be cut off from Iranian oil while Washington makes trouble in Taiwan?  Will a third world war breakout?

Without proactive responses, things can quickly go too far. The arrogance of neoconservative and Israeli over-confidence, together with Russian, Chinese, and Iranian hesitancy, are ingredients for a world war.

The Shift in Focus from Ukraine to the Middle East Raises the Chances of World War

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