The world was insane to produce Bioweapons – Paul Craig Roberts

Herland Report: The world was insane to produce Bioweapons: The World was insane to produce nuclear weapons, the use of which destroys us, and bioweapons, the use of which destroys us.

In the midst of the coronavirus assault on humanity, the US still has sanctions affecting medical supplies to Iran.

What kind of friends does this make for the US which needs masks and medical information concerning treatment from China and medicines from China and India?

The US has been the bully for so long that we have made enemies, not friends.  Ask yourself, would you rather have friends or enemies?

Why does the US cultivate enemies and not friends? This writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a leading US political economist and a regular at The Herland Report.

The world was insane to produce Bioweapons: Within our own country all we do is to turn people against one another.

Racial hatreds, gender hatreds, sexual preference hatreds, class hatreds.

The New York Times 1619 Project teaches blacks to hate whites, MeToo teaches women to hate men.  Transgendered now attack feminists.

Where in this is there a community, a society, empathy, mutual support?

Have we created a society that cannot survive?

I remember when critics were reformers.  They criticized in order to build awareness of the need for reforms.  They wanted to reform, not overthrow the system for the cause of some stupid ideology.  Today the purpose of criticism is demonization and destruction.  It is entirely negative.  Common ground is destroyed.

The media have failed us. The universities have failed us. Our leaders have failed us. We have failed ourselves. We are going to pay a massive price for this.

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