Paul Craig Roberts: Hamas/Israeli War Could End with Armageddon!

As Israeli forces continue to reduce parts of Gaza to rubble, and “wipe Hamas from the face of the earth” the question is: which side might have miscalculated? And could such a miscalculation escalate the Hamas/Israeli conflict into a world war?

Could we actually be heading toward a nuclear Armageddon?

As outlandish as that might sound, respected political analyst Paul Craig Roberts explains why such a possibility should not be dismissed, in his latest conversation with On Target’s Larry Sparano:

Since this interview, there have been more developments.  The Israeli invasion of Gaza set for the past weekend was postponed, allegedly for reasons of weather.  But the weather reports were not that bad.  I think what happened is that the Israeli military caught on to the risks and backed off Netanyahu, at least for a few days.  I notice also that Biden has told Israel not to repeat the Hamas atrocities.  Possibly even Washington is realizing the risks. Possibly all will come to their senses and the crisis will end.

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