The ACLU and the Biden Regime Argue that Protections Against Electoral Fraud Are Racially Discriminatory

For the ACLU and the Democrats an honest election is not fair. It discriminates against “preferred minorities,” who need fraudulent elections in their favor to make up for past oppression.

I predicted that we would come to this.

26 years ago in my book, The New Color Line, I predicted that by violating the statutory language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits racial quotas, the EEOC, by enforcing racial preferment in university admissions, hiring, and promotion had created privileges based on skin color that were in violation of the 14th Amendment and would evolve into a two-tier legal system in which blacks would have superior rights. This has come to pass.

For example, the American educational system has been remade in the interest of blacks, a small minority of the population, and against the interest of the majority population and America’s success in international competition. Fred Reed describes the destruction of American education: “Math curricula are being dumbed down because blacks do poorly at math, English grammar instruction eliminated because blacks can’t or won’t learn it, entrance exams for the elite and demanding high schools eliminated because blacks don’t pass them, SATs dropped because blacks score poorly on them, promotion exams in police departments eliminated because blacks don’t pass them. Entrance requirements at medical school are lowered because not enough blacks pass them, AP courses in high school eliminated because too few blacks get into them.”
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In other words, the complete destruction of a merit-based society. This is a bigger revolution than the American revolution.

The status-based privileges of blacks are not (yet) codified in law. Nevertheless, Democrats and the ACLU seek to enforce these privileges as if they are codified in law. Consider, for example, the irregularities in the 2020 elections. The looseness of American elections open many avenues to electoral fraud. As power is involved, these avenues are utilized, thus compromising one person-one vote.

To restore election integrity some states have passed laws closing fraud channels and requiring an ID to vote. The Biden regime and the ACLU are bringing lawsuits on the grounds that electoral integrity has disproportionate effects on “preferred minorities.” In other words, it discriminates against blacks, Hispanics, and illegals to require an ID to vote, to cleanse voting rolls of deceased people and people who have moved out of state. Closing other avenues to fraud, such as ballot harvesting, in which the chain of custody between voter and election official is lost is also considered to be discriminatory against blacks by the Biden regime and the ACLU.

Note the lack of concern by the ACLU and the Biden regime that election fraud discriminates against one person-one vote.

What the ACLU and the Biden regime really mean is that electoral reform discriminates against Democrats by sealing off fraud channels. But as Democrats are regarded as a proxy for “people of color,” people of color are harmed if Democrats are prevented from stealing elections.

After 57 years of privileges for “preferred minorities,’ the ACLU and the Democrats are accustomed to the extra-legal status of blacks as legally preferred over whites. After more than a half century of a privileged playing ground for blacks, maintaining a neutral playing ground is regarded as discrimination against blacks.

You don’t have to look far to see this. Consider that the blacks that burned and looted the shopping districts of many US cities were not prosecuted for their illegal acts and massive property damage in the billions of dollars. In contrast, 545 Trump supporters have been arrested and charged for “insurrection” at the Capitol where no insurrection took place and no property damage was done. Moreover, we have no idea who the blacks are who looted and burned, but the names of the white victims of the Biden regime’s persecution of Trump supports are listed online.

In other words, blacks can burn down cities and suffer no consequences. But white people cannot protest without being arrested and their identity exposed so they can be fired from their jobs.

If you read The Camp of the Saints, you can see how close at hand is the demise of white Americans.

The ACLU and the Biden Regime Argue that Protections Against Electoral Fraud Are Racially Discriminatory

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