Support Truth or Truth Will Cease to Exist

As you can see from my posting yesterday —

The Powerful Case Against Covid mRNA Vaccine

— this website is a source of factual information about Covid.  It provides the information suppressed by “social media” and other Big Pharma media such as CNN.  

Providing this information results in me being demonized by Big Pharma’s trolls.  Homeland Security has labeled dissidents from the official Covid narrative “domestic extremists” and intends to silence us in some authoritarian way once the brainwashed and fearful population consents. 

Indeed, across the wide front of the contra-narrative information that this website provides, the cost to me of providing it goes far beyond money.  I am labeled a “conspiracy theorist,” a “racist,” an “anti-semite,” a “holocaust denier,” “transphobic,” and all the rest of the terms used to discredit those who tell the truth.

It is September and time for my quarterly appeal.  I would like to see your support for my efforts.  Truth is ever more suppressed and ever harder to find and express.  Truth is something that can easily disappear, and that is the intention of the establishment determined as it is to control the explanations in behalf of its agendas.

Listen to this beautiful young woman in Australia tell you what is being done to you:

The same tyranny is also afoot in America: 

The Truth Will Make You Free.

Support Truth or Truth Will Cease to Exist

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