Scandinavia Says NO to Vaccinating the Young but the US Rushes Ahead

In the US authorities continue to coerce employees, university students, and school children to be injected with a substance that does not protect, but does cause variants immune to the “vaccine” and serious adverse reactions including death. It is an established fact that adverse reactions to vaccines are vastly underreported. Despite this, the databases for the US, UK, and EU show millions of adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccine” and tens of thousands of deaths. If these numbers are adjusted to account for the known underreporting, adverse reactions and deaths from the Covid “vaccine” exceed the number of Covid cases and deaths.

In the US “public health” officials, Biden, and their Big Pharma masters are pushing for injecting ever younger kids with the dangerous “vaccine” and are already setting the stage for injecting 6 month old babies.

Meanwhile in Sweden and Denmark, which together with Norway ended Covid restrictions at the end of September, have decided that the “vaccine” should not be given to anyone born after 1990 because of the association of the “vaccine” with dangerous inflammation of the heart. The Covid “vaccine” has actually killed young boys by causing heart attacks. Finland has joined the recommendation against Moderna’s version of the mRNA Covid “vaccine” for those born after 1990.

Different countries used different makers’ “vaccines,” but the mRNA Covid “vaccine” has the same adverse effects regardless of the brand name. So the decisions to limit use of one “vaccine” relative to another is really just a country ruling out the brand name it used that caused heart inflammation and other serious and deadly effects. The countries’ authorities are not sufficiently intelligent to realize that all the mRNA “vaccines” do the same damage and have the same counterproductive effects. So they disapprove one, the adverse reactions of which they experienced, and approve the other with which they have no experience.

As I have reported many times, there are three primary counterproductive effects of the Covid “vaccine:” (1) one is that the “vaccine” immobilizes and destroys a person’s natural immunity, (2) the “vaccine” produces variants immune to the “vaccine,” thus requiring booster injections to protect (for 6 months) against the variants—a process that continues forever, thus enriching the “vaccine” manufacturers, and (3) the “vaccine” causes unprecedented numbers of adverse reactions and deaths. The truth of the matter is that the “vaccine” is far more likely to injure or kill you than to protect you.

A huge number of outstanding scientists and medical practitioners support this conclusion, but the scum presstitutes in print, TV, social, and NPR media censor the experts and report only the propaganda of Big Pharma, companies using the orchestrated “pandemic” for profit, and politicians, whose agenda is to use an “emergency situation” to gain power over people and erase their rights.

In America the population is so stupid that it sits before these propaganda ministries and absorbs the propaganda as truth.

The result will be the destruction of natural immunity of the “vaccinated” and the reliance on Big Pharma inoculations to ward off disease. Once the people have entered this trap, anything can be injected into their arms.

For Biden and “public health authorities” and the media whores to insist on universal inoculation, a counterfactual policy in the face of the evidence, tells us that for them Covid is a cover for an agenda. Whether this agenda is only profits and the erasure of civil liberty, or whether darker agendas are also operating needs public airing to be determined, but censorship prevents public examination of the facts.

Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People Were Not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

Scandinavia Says NO to Vaccinating the Young but the US Rushes Ahead

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