FBI Raids Home of Retired Texas Couple Who Attended Jan. 6 Capitol Rally

A Totally Politicized and Discredited FBI Serving as Gestapo Henchman for the Democrats Has American Patriots Targeted. Under the current rules if you are not an immoral, sexually depraved, warmonger Democrat who hates white people and Russians, you are not an American patriot. All other Americans are “racist, white supremacists, transphobic, Trump deplorables.” Only Democrats who hate America and white people are patriots.

A retired Texas couple reported that FBI agents busted through the gate of their rural home, threw flashbangs, handcuffed them, and trained lasers on them before searching their home for evidence connected to the falsely alleged Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol.

This is an outrageous way to treat American citizens. All that was required was a knock on the door, a presentation of credentials, and a request to speak with the couple. The behavior of the agents involved in the totally gratuitous assault on an American household is inexplicable. Is there to be no difference in the behavior of 2022 American FBI and 1930s behavior of the Gestapo? When FBI agents can behave as Gestapo, how is America a free country? How is the DOJ a “Justice Department” when the FBI can behave without accountability as a Gestapo?

The cowardly Republican Party that permitted Democrats to steal the last presidential election has, as a result of its cowardice, permitted Democrats to Nazify America. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is stone dead. Americans now have The Gestapo serving Democrat rule. The Democrats will not stop with Trump.

There was no “Jan. 6 breach of the Capital.” This is just another false narrative like “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.” The American people are so easily brainwashed that they are losing their liberty. Almost serfs, they will soon be slaves.

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The idiot West has over-heated the conflict. Are we all to die because of the Jewish Neoconservatives who control US Policy?


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But of course, no Insurrection here, only an officially approved protest.


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