DEI Is White Genocide

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is an anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and “gender by choice” indoctrination program. It is designed to marginalize normality and to replace it with abnormality, to destroy the confidence of normal white people, and to position them in law as second class citizens against whom discrimination is legal.

The state of Alabama has passed a law to stop the use of public schools for divisive DEI propaganda. Blacks are up in arms that one of their weapons for gaining power over whites is being limited in Alabama, and the absurd ACLU says stopping the spread of divisiveness will have a chilling effect.

Nothing can make it more obvious to white parents that sending a son or daughter to a public school or to a university is a certain way to infuse them with self-doubt and to destroy their confidence. DEI is a form of white genocide.

DEI Is White Genocide

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