KSA’s Mock Ceasefire in Yemen–MES EP.49

A two-week ceasefire declared by the Saudi-UAE coalition aggression against Yemen came into effect last Thursday. However, Yemen’s armed forces and its Ansarullah resistance movement declared they would will not abide unless the 5 years-long siege on Yemen is lifted. We discuss this segment with Jay Tharappel, member of the Yemen Solidarity Council from Sydney.

Meanwhile, Iraqi President Barham Salih has nominated head of intelligence Mustafa al-Kadhimi as Iraq’s new prime minister-designate; the politically fragmented nation’s third choice this year. The nomination last Thursday came moments after predecessor Adnan al-Zurfi ended his bid to form a government. The upheaval threatened a leadership vacuum amid a severe economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. We discuss this segment with Shabbir Hasan Ali, political commentator from London.

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