Why Epstein’s Murder is Important

Epstein, himself, wasn’t important.  Circumstances around his obvious murder (and we can’t close the door on ‘escape’ or rendition as well) make it so.

We know there was one murder attempt.  We know Epstein didn’t just go to guards, he went to his attorney as well, reporting an attempted murder.  Why is his attorney silent on this and everything else.

Who is Epstein’s attorney?

His silence is proof.

We know Epstein was put on suicide watch rather than in “administrative segregation.”  No one enters a segregation block.

Then again, as Epstein was a material witness in an ongoing Federal investigation, perhaps several, why was he not guarded by US Marshals?  The moment Epstein and his lawyer mentioned they had information on not just Prince Andrew but one or more foreign heads of state and enough major financial figures to crash American markets, Epstein touched on a dozen ongoing investigations involving national security.

The moment the Saudi passport was found, whatever the age, this became a national security investigation and directly involved DHS and the CIA, who have never been questioned as to their interest or why they failed to take a role in anything but perhaps facilitating Epstein’s murder?

We have a list of names of people who worked with Epstein, but let’s begin with Michael Cohen.  We know that Cohen represented both Epstein and Trump in not just one, but perhaps dozens of non-disclosure payoffs to underage women who had been raped, allegations they had been raped by Maxwell, Epstein, Trump and perhaps one other woman.

We have proof that Epstein and Trump were constant companions for years, making Trump a liar, no surprise there.  We know Trump used jobs at Mar a Lago to payoff Epstein/Trump victims and recruited children of staff at Mar a Lago for Epstein’s nearby “rape house.”

The same thing went on in New York.

There is no evidence Trump was involved in the Columbus, Ohio rapes.

Let’s look at something else.  Yes, Epstein was murdered, his attorney must have asked the Attorney General for protection, acting otherwise would be insane.  We want the truth here.  Why did Barr fail to protect Epstein?

Thus far, witnesses such as they are indicate Epstein was murdered in his cells by more than one person allowed in by prison personnel, a noisy screaming murder heard by many.

We know Epstein survived one attempt already.  Where are the medical reports of the first murder attempt?  Why has no news organization asked for them?  There are no privacy protections for a murder victim.  Why has no one asked hospital personnel?

Why has no one questioned jail personnel?  Why are their names being hidden?  Who are they?  Why is their privacy being protected?

What did Trump and Epstein have in common.  We know that the stories being published by Dershowitz, Trump and Epstein are fake.  If young girls were being brought into Epstein’s house, as witnesses allege, and paid for sex, girls from a private Manhattan school, many if not most of them would be Jewish.

Living in Manhattan costs 15k a month, ask Seinfeld.

Private schools cost $40k a year in Manhattan.

OK, you have girls in school uniforms, as we read in testimony, brought into Maxwell’s home, followed upstairs, allegedly by attorney Alan Dershowitz or paid to give “special massages” to Epstein.

OK, get real.  These girls would come from the 1980s, making them “not so young” as some accusers seem to be, but also from groups in both Manhattan, Florida and elsewhere, from as late as 2005 or even later, perhaps very very recently, making them young women.

Where are they?

OK, let’s say the word is out in Manhattan at a school where kids are either Jewish and not poor or kids of other high income groups.  Dozens of school girls, grade 7 though 9, come to his house, knowing they will be paid to give Epstein and guests “hand jobs.”

They had to know this.  This crap goes on in Japan, Eastern Europe/Russia, around the world.

These girls were paid.

They also talked, told other girls, bragged to boyfriends, everyone knew it, teachers, school officials, parents?  Were parents paid off, threatened?  School officials?  Local police had to be involved every step of the way and this is exactly how New York works.

Nobody, not in New York, thinks paying a “13 year old whore” for a hand job then turning it into something else, and when we add Maxwell and other guests and friends into the mix, that “else” could have gotten quite disgusting, is a problem.

After all, those girls were going to “get it anyway” by nasty little boys, or their parents, or priests or their teachers.

Back in 1994 I attended a US Olympic women’s skating event at Cobo Hall in Detroit, corporate guest, sitting with the Olympic committee.  There I overheard well known friends of Trump and Epstein, folks that own sports teams and such, talk about “screwing the kid skaters.”

Romney and his girl friend in Havana (FBI photo)

Then we have the MSU scandal, hundreds, even thousands of girls raped by a team doctor.

Go into your own memories, how many girls in your high school were screwing the drama coach or band leader?

With Epstein, it seemed to involve humiliation and if you are stupid enough to chase 13 year olds who are sexually active, expect to be threatened, blackmailed, trash talked, and of course dickless males love that kind of thing.

Others like being pissed on and, as we look more and more into Trump and Epstein, we get more and more confirmations on the “memorandum.”

I then went to investigators who were involved in wider efforts involving people higher up the food chain than Trump.  They are telling me “they all did it.”

More than that…we have this “gay” issue.

The situations these people get put into, the drugs they use, and all of them use drugs, cocktails of moly, adderall, opiates and stimulants, particularly hybrid THC related dermal stuff that could turn a rotten banana into a railroad spike.

These idiots, and we are talking multiple presidents, among others, would screw a parakeet.

Then we follow that other trail, from a classified report which I will “drip” out there piece by piece and hope my car doesn’t blow up:

“From Veterans Today Science Editor, and Jeff Smith, of the IAEA (a particle physicist):

“According to Maxwell a static electron has no magnetic field of its own and when rotated about its axis it will not produce one. However, when an electron is accelerated in a given direction it creates a line of force. This line of force is magnetic in nature and can then be deflected by external magnetic fields such as in a cathode ray tube.

Now when the electron is spun up into a closed circular path it becomes a dipole bar magnet with both a north and south pole. This so-called magnetic dipole is what we call electromagnetic radiation or what Einstein calls a Photon – I.E. light. At longer wavelengths it is just simply called radio waves, micro waves or just simply a transverse electromagnetic wave.”

Why the science lesson?

First of all, this is “giant leap” postwar physics that would have and certainly should have made a number of things possible, certainly production of electric power at no cost and a mind-boggling capability of simply eliminating the weight of things like planes or automobiles.

Then, however, the hydrocarbon-based economy would break instantly, never to return and with that and other advances, an end to hunger and thirst and eventually the need for money itself.

There would be nothing to fight for.

Here is the “however.”

It is asserted that powerful elites who belong to the occultist groups Kennedy warned of, groups we are seeing now on rare occasion despite their power to hide in the shadows, not only suppress technology but practice rituals that embrace sacrifice, human or otherwise.

Are the Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove group, St. Hubertus, Opus Dei and others among these as conspiracy theorists assert?  When one looks at the origin of the term “conspiracy theorist,” traced back to the CIA and their attempt to discredit those who stumble on their “dark programs,” the validity of such questions gains in stature.

When US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016, his body was found at a remote facility where a secret society held invocation rituals wearing robes and demonic masks.

Trails from the 50,000 square foot “Eyes Wide Shut” hunting lodge lead across the desert to remote illegal “ratlines” into Mexico.  For what reason, none but a few will ever know.

Things We Have Seen

The one subject we look at today as having potentially occultist roots, that being gravity, is only one of many.  We know the US Army still operates “remote viewing” teams and we have traced the origin of these groups to commands such as The Presidio in San Francisco where the US Army’s most elite command was deeply infiltrated by occultist under what still exists as the Temple of Set (Satan) founded by Colonel Michael Aquino, founder of many Army programs related to what is loosely termed “psychological warfare.”

We also know that the commands where these officers serve have long histories of mass institutional child abuse, not just the Presidio but, in particular, at West Point, the military academy of the US Army.

The investigations are in the public record, greatly censored, the numbers of the real abused downgraded from hundreds to a few, but not just “institutional” but “ritualized” child abuse has long been tied to the US Army beginning around 1984 at the time the US Army began exploring occultism as a form of warfare, taking the same path as Hitler and Himmler so many years before.

A “laundered” and heavily redacted comic version of such programs were exposed to the public in the film Men Who Stare at Goats starring George Clooney of “White Helmets” fame.

This one project, called Operation Stargate, was commanded by General Albert Stubblebein, who I have spoken with several times.

Do remember that it was General Stubblebein, former head of US Army Intelligence, who reported the incident at the Pentagon on 9/11 as a missile attack.

The Academies and the Occult

Typically, occults have learned to hide in plain sight.  In the service academies for the military, Church of Set priests, Satanic priests, administered to their flock as “Pentecostals,” a fringe Christian subgroup normally scorned for its dramatic practices which can include poisonous snakes and orgasmic rituals.

Similarly, hiding inside the military as well, that provided plenty of cover for practices such as ritual child abuse as parents of victims were either transferred to the ends of the earth when they complained, and the US has bases in places few would imagine, or allowed to resign with no pension or benefits.”


We know hundreds of girls were involved.  We also believe that William Barr facilitated the removal of Epstein’s files before an FBI raid, moving them to France where they are being held now.  We have some limited reason to believe this.

We know for certain the list of victims is in the hundreds and only select victims are being interviewed and what is told is not just censored, its fabricated.

We also know that Epstein and friends could take down the entire National Prayer Breakfast (not Mark Siljander) and AIPAC/MEGA/CFR/Bildeberger and the rest of the offshoots of the Bavarian Satanic Illuminati.

There we go mentioning Satan.  This is where all these assholes go when their dicks don’t get hard enough or their “happy endings” aren’t what they expect, and this is what drives their lives and NOTHING else.

Term limits?  Do we need new perverts in Washington?

Redistricting?  Do we need different perverts in Washington?

Citizens United?  Do we need poorer perverts in Washington?

and everything “they” do, the press is a part of, sharing the girls and boys, the golden showers, the funny masks, the rituals, the press is at the root of it all.

Why Epstein’s Murder is Important

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