Ukraine War: K-52 Shoot-Downs Faked

Ukies Caught Hoaxing with New Video Game

The truth?  90 percent of the combat footage out of Ukraine that “messages” pro-NATO/NAZI is from video games…recorded, cut, and degraded to low resolution…and this is proven time and time again but never reported.

Truth?  1300 Russian dead, 7000 Ukrainian dead, and Russia is winning the war of course while the US is planning a probably bio-chemical attack on Kiev.

Russia has said they will retaliate using nuclear weapons if the US attempts what it did in Syria over and over.This is a fact…confirmed…not internet news…

and to back up the story, the liars at NATO have left the evidence on Twitter:

…and this one was done in “portrait mode” rather than “landscape:


Ukraine War: K-52 Shoot-Downs Faked

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