Some nasty truths about the Erdogan, Trump, Putin axis

While Erdogan just moved into Syria illegally with full support of Trump, the US just released and transferred ISIS commanders who “surrendered” to the Kurds from their prisons (really training camps and family compounds) in Hasakah and north of Raqaa.

We watched this.  We have dozens of people on the ground there with both the Arab and Kurdish fighters who regularly report to VT in Damascus, sources for years.

These ISIS leaders, saved more than once by Trump’s helicopters, are now leading an organization known as the Syrian National Army, the new iteration of ISIS now directly partnered with the Turkish Army but also aided by the United States, or at least the Trump regime.

Russia has remained silent.  One of two reasons explains this:

  • Putin has been bought off, has been part of it from the beginning or Russia is so economically damaged that his arms and pipeline deals with Turkey matter more than his obligations to his own military and his Damascus allies or
  • Putin is now building a bridge across the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor (city) that will split Kurdish seized territory and begin returning needed oil and gas fields back to Syria.  He may be depending on Erdogan’s pressure on the Kurds to leverage the Kurds toward Damascus with the end result weakened Kurds, economically strengthened Damascus and an offset against recent unsound policies of Israel, even crazier than usual.

We are in continual contact with Russian field commanders in Syria and asking them serious questions.

Putin has no obligation to the Kurds. They have been maneuvered by the US and Israel and have done some very stupid things.  They fought a piss poor war against ISIS, far more “defending” than fighting.

Most of the war was totally fake.

Few if any ISIS personnel died, most were simply moved from place to place in mock battles while the Kurds took part in plots against Baghdad, Damascus and leveraged Ankara on behalf of Tel Aviv and their puppet, Donald Trump.

This is the best analysis you will get, real world stuff, the kind we send to military and intelligence commanders as part of our reporting, letting them know we are onto their games.

Intel Drop: Some nasty truths about the Erdogan, Trump, Putin axis

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