Intel Drop: What we know, what you could know but maybe shouldn’t

We are going to discuss the current pandemic.  All information here will be 100% reliable within parameters of weasel words.

We are 100% certain COVID 19 is lab created.  We are 80% certain that up to 23 strains, each separately lab created, are out there and were lab engineered through gene splicing.

We are 70% certain this is no accident.  Our sources are impeccable.

  • Current infection rates on COVID 19 testing are much lower than real.  Tests are giving up to 50% false negative and 0% false positive. (this is 100% accurate)  As to what that means to you?  Your test may have missed an earlier infection because antibodies are not retained.  Your test is also likely wrong and if you think you have it and they told you you don’t, they not only lied to you but did so simply to get rid of you.
  • Skepticism on vaccines, based not on general problems with vaccines but rather Trump’s need to come up with a vaccine before the election, even if it kills, is justified.  Other reasons, too many strains, probable low efficacy, are other reasons.  VT will recommend a vaccine if, and only if, we believe and we aren’t trusting people.  Watch this space.
  • Iran has offered a cure for CV 19 that is 95% effective. Keshe is 100% behind this and Duff less, but Duff is chronically paranoid, diagnosed such long ago.  This is science, GANS (look it up yourself), and it has been seen to be capable of miracles.
  • Trump has been offered the Iran cure, backchannel 10 days ago, and has not responded backchannel as expected, an offer from a head of state.  Color us deeply suspicious.
  • Current death rates for CV 19 are 9% of those who test positive, on a sliding scale that began April 1 at 17%.  Those who give lower figures are liars and criminals.  It will go down further, maybe much further, perhaps to 4% if the current debacle stays with your people only.
  • Whether we stop (Nov. 1) at around 210,000 dead, go lower from lockdown to 155,000 or soar depends on things not known:
  • If we are going through a hyper-spread with young idiots, will they infect their families and will the dynamic in White families of minimal contact with parents/grandparents keep numbers low for this group?
  • We are likely to lose between 12,000 and 18,000 young people before Christmas based on anecdotal information we are getting direct from front line medics who are now treating serious cases in 20-somethings.
  • We are likely to suffer a shortage of ECMO machines, which are used on young rather than old as part of the Trump ‘Death Panel’ response to COVID which is a HUGE secret by the CDC.  Ventilators kill 40% of those put on them and should NEVER have been used in the first place.
  • Standards of COVID care, sometimes based on race or socio-economic standing, are getting out of hand.  Going to the wrong hospital can kill you.  Find which hospital is best in your region and do what you can to make sure those around you know you want to be there.  This is life and death.
  • While nurses, doctors and first responders are going through unimaginable suffering, do remember that hospitals ‘turfed’ COVID patients without decent  insurance to nursing homes which led to the death of 50,000 Americans.  State governors like Ms. Whitmer could have stopped this but didn’t.  People need to go to prison over this and many other things as well.
  • The Trump regime is handing out billions to fake churches, country clubs, yacht basins, casinos and hedge funds that should have gone to save mom and pop businesses which are being shuttered across America. Trump belongs in prison for this, he is a thief and con man.
  • There is clear evidence of broad collusion between the media and those of the Trump regime we believe unleashed the virus.  Testing failures are unreported…the false negative scandal…who really dies…failures in care…the trillions stolen…Trump family profiteering on every cent spent…so much more…

Intel Drop: What we know, what you could know but maybe shouldn’t

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