Intel Drop: COVID, a Bio-Warfare Weapon against the Elderly…Of course it is!

Money is nothing, wealth is nothing and what most perceive as power is nothing.

Key intelligence officials in the US, Britain and Germany allege that the GOP, backed by something they refuse to name, purposefully unleashed COVID 19 on the world. The exact same people responsible for 9/11, a broader plot driven by an insurance scam and two decades of the US running around the world shilling for the Kosher Nostra….

This one is experimental, using a DOD funded virus, created to test what bad people could make if they wanted…so we could be protected from them…and then really unleashing it…if only we were kidding. We are certain this happened.

As of now, the marriage between Russia’s worst, the RKM/KN oligarchs, a murderous gang, the Likuds in Israel who run so many MEGA/MAGA mob funded fake anti-defamation/defense groups to protect powerful mobsters…

…and behind them, the muscle of the CIA, Mossad, MI 6 and KGB, all reborn as one, the most powerful and dangerous organization in the world…false flag terrorism, lone gunman shootings, gas attacks, bio-warfare, assassinations…

Partnered now openly with not only Murdoch and Fox/Carlson and the other idiot media but all of it as well…all 100% theatre as we saw played out on January 6.

If we learned one thing, it was that Tucker Carlson is the chief spokesman for the Luciferian cabal. One thing I learned is how “Russia” has partnered with the American right.  US authorities spent hours laying out the evidence for me.  Here is what they contend:

Russia may, at one time, have been the leader, out of real morality but more likely for nefarious purposes of world domination, in the cause of international justice and human rights.  However, the new Christian Russia, and church attendance in Russia is far higher than any in the West would believe, has led to a new secret admiration by many in power, in particular the group VT calls the Kosher Nostra oligarchs.

These oligarchs rule Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel and the United States.  The nature of the interrelationship with the KN and RKM goes back centuries, both steeped in worship of Moloch, the supreme being in the Freemason world.

Moloch is Baphomet, the overseer of the Masonic universe.  No, we aren’t making this up.  Ask any Freemason.

This has aligned many of the powerful of Russia and the former communist states with the eugenics policies Adolph Hitler took on for Germany at the behest of his American backers, the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Duponts, Bush and others.  Look into who financed Hitler.

Just think of the gift COVID 19 has been for so many.

  • 600,000 dead American, mostly elderly
  • Trillions stolen from the US treasury
  • A new army of crazy hillbillies worse than the Klan ever was, just like Hitler had WW2
  • The total destruction of the US government
  • The open ability to deny any election
  • The open ability to have 200 members of congress back and lie, no matter how crazy

When analysts look at the results of COVID, they assume the world’s economy is real, that currencies even more fake than Bitcoin, like the dollar and pound, are of substance and that the endless trillions of accumulated super-wealth in the hands of the KN/RKM has reason behind it.

It doesn’t. Money is nothing, wealth is nothing and what most perceive as power is nothing.

Always go back to the Matrix film series, now mentioned so often, when assessing exactly how far reality is from what is sold to the enslaved billions.

Would we even know if aliens took over the planet in 1953?

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