GOP giving the rich priority in COVID vaccine, proof here…

As essential workers and senior citizens nationwide struggle to get COVID vaccines, the luxurious Montebello apartment building seems to have figured it out.

Vaccines are being diverted, by Trump’s new fake army overseers who sent it to Israel and the UAE to corrupt state officials taking massive backhanders to vaccinate the rich like is being done in New York and Texas, where they’ve been caught.

It’s going on all over America, the rich are at the front of the line, and even the press is hiding it…the press owned by the rich.

Daily Beast: The Montebello condominium complex in uptown Houston bills itself as one of the city’s “premier luxury highrises” with amenities like valet parking, concierge service, and a pool. Recently it added a new perk: COVID-19 vaccines for its elderly residents.

While health-care workers and senior citizens nationwide struggle to get their hands on a COVID-19 vaccine in the first wave of inoculations, the Montebello seems to have figured it out.

About 60 residents of the upscale condo complex have been vaccinated, the building’s general manager told The Daily Beast on Thursday—despite not being on Texas’ public vaccine distribution list.

“The state of Texas authorized it,” Montebello general manager Daniel Hancock said. “We’re working with a distributor… it’s a blessing we were able to get it.”

Hancock declined to tell The Daily Beast the name of the distributor, but said the building was eligible to receive the shots because of its high elderly population.

The Texas Department of Health did not respond to requests for comment on the arrangement.

When asked about reports of the Montebello vaccinating their residents for COVID-19, a spokesperson for the city of Houston’s health department said he wasn’t aware of it.

“All the distributors have to register through the state health department,” the spokesperson, Porfirio Villareal, said. “The apartment complex is not an approved provider. If a site is not approved, not on the list, and receiving shipments of the vaccine, then our recommendation is not to go to that site.”

The Montebello isn’t on the state’s list of vaccine recipients—which lists hospitals, pharmacies, local health departments, and health-care clinics only—or shown on the state’s map of vaccine provider locations.  read more..

VT Right Again: GOP giving the rich priority in COVID vaccine, proof here…

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