COVID May 8, 2020 An Intel Drop, White House Hiding a 500,000 Death Figure

We begin with the deal breaker of all time.  COVID is supposed to be a bat virus, a natural bat virus, unmodified, supposedly from China, right?

Name one animal that can’t get COVID?

smiling COVID bat, Lugar Center 2018

The folks in the White House mostly went to business school.  They had statistics classes and they all know numbers.  You can’t steal without being able to count or at least without being able to hire someone who counts, as in Trump’s case.
The numbers we are given are fake, not a little fake but great big fake.

They didn’t work and they don’t work. So, China tested and locked down and lost 4600 total. We didn’t and have lost, and we will show you how we get this, 167,500 dead now, in the ground or in a hospital with the plug not yet pulled. Long story here, long and nasty and lots of lies.

There are 1.4 million case out there and every single case will eventually resolve. Over 300,000 have and of those, we see 26% did so unfavorably, not 1% but 26%.

We believe that the resolved death figure from the first 3 months will cut in half and we will show you how we predict this through a model. This would be great news except that the White House has given out the figures .7%.

We think the numbers will cut to 13% of infected dying because we are going to simply run out of old people to kill.

Problem here, of course, is I am one of them.

The real figure is roughly 18.57142857142857 times higher than the one the White House and Fox News are peddling to the “no worse than the flu” gang.

Then, when we checked, real flu deaths last year weren’t 30,000 but closer to a number between 2,000 and 6,000 (with estimates on the politicized CDC website faked)

In my little town, 21 have died of COVID. Last year we didn’t have a flu death, not one.

We began with 2000 predicted deaths from COVID.  Then it went to 3000 then to 30,000.

All the while they knew, it was 500,000 and that number is dependent on broad testing and a vaccine along with other treatments.

Each of these factors was supposed to massage the curve but, due to Trump’s foot dragging, none came online and still haven’t.  Trump blocked testing in order to keep markets high and pushed up deaths 50 fold in doing so.

If we tested, we would be open now like the countries that did test.  We didn’t test because testing would have pushed up infection rates and crashed stocks, temporarily.  Instead, we chose not to test, which pushed up deaths, pushed them up to an incredible number which, today sits at 167,500 dead and certain to die of those already diagnosed so far.

This is the real number.

Remember the numbers, 5 and 8

Let’s start with real stats, not the lies you are getting out of both Trump and Fauci.

Remember the numbers, 5 and 8

These are the magic numbers

5 percent of those who have tested positive and have “resolved” have already died

8 percent of those who have tested positive, half of those hospitalized (16 percent) will die (or more)


13 percent of all positive tested patients will die

Let’s check our numbers and see how our prediction works:

The US COVID stats are, in the next few hours anyway, the following:

1.4 million test positive

80,000 dead

225,000 recovered

305,000 “resolved” cases

74 percent of positive tested patients recover

26 percent of positive tested patients die

1,095,000 positive tested patients “unresolved”

X .16 for those who are hospitalized equals

175,000 mostly on ventilators X .5 equals

87,500 hospitalized but certain to die (50 to 70 percent of hospitalized patients die of COVID)

167,500 now dead or dying

This gives us 12%, one percentage point low, but this is, please remember, an estimate taken from the lowest range of hospital deaths.

Now let’s look at where we are going:

If we hold to the numbers:

8 percent of those who test positive die (half of those hospitalized, at the rate of 16 percent of positive tests, based on figures into the second week of may, less the existing 5% that have already died

Then we double this in 30 days and add another 167,000 who will be dead or certain to die, but not yet dead, call them what you will.

This gives us a rolling count as it were of 335,000 dead/dying while the daily numbers of infected grow or plateau but certainly lead to, minimally 500,000 deaths

If we are wrong?

A million dead?

Then, as there is no potential for vaccine or herd immunity whatsoever, we get to do the whole thing over again…

Until there was none…..

COVID May 8, 2020 An Intel Drop, White House Hiding a 500,000 Death Figure

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