Do we laugh? Backwoods Michigan Sees Powerful COVID Surge/Deaths After Lockdown Protests (updating)

COVID deaths doubled in one day, largely due to protests of lockdown.  How many protesters or family members died last week?  Without game playing, probably between 50 and 90 as deaths in “protest land” skyrocketed. 

This was a single day.

It is too easy to treat the pandemic as though it were a sport, watching the figures, cheering on the grim reaper, hoping he is killing off those other people.

This is wrong, there, I’ve said it.

From today’s Detroit News:

“Michigan’s death toll from the novel coronavirus reached 4,020 on Saturday after the state added 154 deaths to its count.

The state recorded 77 deaths Friday, exactly half of Saturday’s toll.

The state also confirmed 851 new cases of the illness COVID-19, bringing its cumulative total cases to 43,207, according to state data. The number of cases fell by 126 compared to Friday.

Overall, Michigan has been seeing fewer hospitalizations and fewer patients in intensive care units due to COVID-19, but West Michigan is seeing an uptick in virus infection and ICU patients, officials said.

Kent County, home to Grand Rapids, saw a 48% rise in COVID cases over last week, while Muskegon County had a 41% increase and Ottawa County 23%, according to data provided Friday.”

Many of these went straight to hospital and dozens died, not 20 days later but almost as soon as they were put on a ventilator.

The Lansing protests are the only possible source for the COVID surge now killing so many younger, obese poor rural whites.

On April 15, 2020, a lockdown protest financed Betsy Devos and Adolf Coors, organized by the White House, landed on the streets of Lansing, blocking traffic (hospitals?) and placing armed morons on the steps of the capitol.

6 of those who came to Lansing from one rural county alone died yesterday.

A medical warning: Obesity is, next to being an African American, the largest single factor in COVID 19 deaths.  If you are over 35 and have this issue, show much more care.  

They were supposed to stay in their cars but too many didn’t.  Instead, they socialized, showed off, strutted around and drove back to where they came from, sending COVID infection figures for the 30 to 40 group through the roof.

As an aside, figures show deaths much higher in urban areas which includes towns.  The further out you live and the longer you can stay away, the longer you live.

This lulls people living in rural areas into a fake sense of security, driving them to high COVID areas and this has been a disaster.  Watching Fox News doesn’t mean you deserve to die, it just means you need to chill out a bit.

When they got home, where many live in a 3 generation household, they passed on COVID 19 which manifested, not in 14 days but 4 and ten days later, the deaths began, 6 here yesterday alone, in one rural county.

Ottawa County, the Gold Coast for DeVos, Prince and other GOP fatcats (and a couple of VT editors as well) also shares a number of filth ridden communities of shacks and trailers surrounded by abandoned vehicles.

Seeded in with same are meth labs and trailers where you have to wait for them to stop “rockin’” in order to buy your Oxy.

Ten days ago, Ottawa County “turned the corner” on COVID 19, 3 consecutive days of fewer cases and deaths stuck at “6.”  Then came the lockdown, where around 40 trucks and vans from “out-county redneck-land” buzzed over to Lansing.

The inside of a car or truck can stay infected for days.  People forget about the seat belts and gear shifter or inside door handles and they are dying from it.

Clothing?  How long can CV live on clothing?  Even in rural areas, where contact is limited to extended families or meth customers, a COVID disaster is now impossible to stop.

Problem is, as this isn’t New York, the deaths will never be reported in the media, no one will say a word and healthcare in rural America can be dismal.

If you are going to attend an idiot rally, please undress outside the house and use Clorox wipes or equivalent for hands, arms and face/neck before dressing.  Leave shoes outside.  The soles will be infected.

Clothing goes into bags and straight to the washer.  Outerwear doesn’t do well when sprayed with bleach, wash that too.  Get rid of the plastic bags, then wash hands, arms and face again.

Then do the car/truck.  Get all interior surfaces and wear a mask when doing it.

Other points, shop big as possible and as seldom as possible, choosing early or late hours.

Park well away from others.

I would suggest that protests, right or wrong, aren’t worth it.  Restrain the stupid no matter how bored you are.

This is a numbers game.  You may well be sick and will never be tested and possibly not that ill but you might kill your parents, we have seen this over and over.

Do not read about COVID, don’t play doctor, don’t be an amateur Nancy Drew.

Be a survivor, even if you are an idiot.

Do we laugh? Backwoods Michigan Sees Powerful COVID Surge/Deaths After Lockdown Protests (updating)

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