Macron Does a Putin, Ends Up Shooting Own Foot

Macron has involved his country in a reckless covert war with Russia – all in total deception of the French people.

French President Emmanuel Macron sought this week to revamp his tattered authority over a nation that seems to have grown weary of this self-important charlatan.

In a special media conference lasting two and half hours broadcast to the nation, it seemed Macron was taking a leaf out of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s book. Putin gives an annual marathon press conference taking questions from journalists and the public on all and sundry national and international issues.

It didn’t go so well for Macron who ended up appearing as if he was pleading to be given respect.

There is no doubting Putin’s command of issues. Over four hours, he can hold the audience’s interest with cogent rational arguments, making his points with comprehensive facts and figures. Putin’s approval rating among the Russian public is riding high consistently in what can be deduced as genuine respect for his leadership.

It beggars belief that any Western leader could comparably acquit themselves, speaking freely for several hours on diverse topics. Biden, Sunak, Scholz, and Trudeau are joke figures who wilt under any scrutiny.

Macron tried to do a Putin this week with his nationally televised presser and the French people weren’t impressed. Polls showed, cited by NPR Radio, that a big majority (64 percent) of French disapproved of their president’s performance and the content of his views. He was criticized for peddling reactionary ideas.

Macron talked a lot about the need for national unity and restoring France’s international reputation. He called for a “civic rearmament” which was a strange way to promote national renewal. It smacked of fascism. Like much of his pitch, Macron sounded insecure, authoritarian, and chauvinistic. His views were more assertions than reasoned arguments. He was obviously concerned about the popularity of opposition leader Marie Le Pen, and he traduced her as leading a “party of lies”.

Not a good move by Macron especially when many French citizens can see that Monsieur Le President is himself a flagrant liar.

During his appeal to the nation, Macron spun the outrageous calumny that France must support the Ukrainian regime with billions of more euros because, as he lied with a bare face, if Russia wins the war in that country (a war instigated by NATO), then Putin would continue an expansionist invasion of Europe.

Talk about absurd scaremongering. Macron must take his compatriots for complete fools to peddle such hogwash on primetime TV.

Macron said his countrymen and women need to agree to supply more Scalp cruise missiles to the (Nazi-adulating) Kiev regime in order to maintain attacks on Russian territory, such as the strikes on Belgorod at New Year which killed dozens of civilians. These French-supplied missiles have also been used to target the Russian territory of Crimea.

Just as Macron was exalting supposed French values, it turned out that an entire company of French mercenaries was killed in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov by a devastating Russian missile strike. At least 60 French special forces were blown apart. Paris is denying that French forces were killed.

Russia summoned the French ambassador in Moscow the next day to deliver an official rebuke to Paris on the involvement of its troops in the war. This is not a new discovery by any means. American, British, Canadian, Polish, and other NATO mercenaries have been long-tracked by Russia as unofficial participants in the two-year conflict. The French have taken a particularly significant role in sending foreign legionnaires to Ukraine to fight Russia.

Macron has involved his country in a reckless covert war with Russia – all in total deception of the French people.

This gives the lie to the real nature of the war in Ukraine. It is a U.S.-led NATO proxy war against Russia, which Russia is winning despite the array of foreign weaponry, funding, and troops.

Macron, the pathetic puppet who seems to have delusions of grandeur as if he is a reincarnation of Napoleon or De Gaulle, is immersing his country into a futile but recklessly dangerous war with nuclear-powered Russia.

If Macron spent the billions he has funneled into propping up a corrupt Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev on funding French public services and paying French workers a decent salary then maybe the French public would not have so much contempt for the former Rothschild investment banker sitting in the Elysée Palace.

Macron was elected president in May 2017 with the promise to “restore French greatness”. He was re-elected again narrowly in 2022. But his lies, empty promises, and delusions are finally catching up with him.

Like other Western so-called leaders, the French president has trashed his country’s economy to fuel a U.S.-led covert war against Russia in Ukraine. The warmongering is being done behind the Western public’s back with outrageous mendacity and deceit.

Macron and other Western charlatan leaders lament the loss of their political authority as if that is some kind of mystery or the fault of Russian propaganda and misinformation. The reasons for the growing public contempt of Western politicians are obvious to everyone but the liars in office.

Macron Does a Putin, Ends Up Shooting Own Foot

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