Bravo Russia for Defending Donbass

The truth is Russia had no choice but to recognize the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. By doing so, Moscow is affording the territories a critical security guarantee that might spare them from the criminal aggression of the NATO-backed Kiev regime.

This was made necessary because of the mounting offensive coming from the NATO-backed Kiev regime. Since last week, thousands of mortars and shells have hit the self-declared Donbass republics, fired by the US and NATO-backed Ukrainian forces. Many of these forces are open supporters of Neo-Nazi beliefs that view the ethnic Russian people in Donbass as “Untermenschen”. If you don’t know that already, you have been reading too much Western media disinformation.

Moscow had stuck with a political process for nearly seven years to give peace in Ukraine a chance. The so-called Minsk agreement was never implemented by the Kiev regime despite it being a signatory to an international, legally binding accord. The Donetsk and Lugansk breakaway regions were not given the autonomy that the 2015 Minsk deal mandated. Instead, the populations in those regions have been under relentless siege for all these years from the Kiev regime.

The denial of political and human rights to Donbass, such as the entitled use of the Russian language, by Kiev and its ongoing military hostility, amounted to a campaign of genocide. Emboldened by US and NATO weaponry flooding in as well as by European blindness to violations of the Minsk agreements, the Kiev regime had openly repudiated any peace process.

It was evident that the escalating violence against the people of the Donbass was leading to a blood bath. Up to 50,000 civilians have fled the region across the Russian border in the last week. A state of emergency was declared in both the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics owing to the extreme hostility and duress from power being cut off by acts of terrorism. Acts of terrorism that were being sponsored by US and NATO support no less. The Western media silence on these crimes is a source of shame if not complicity.

It’s easy to be cynical on the basis of misinformation and ignorance. Western governments and media are now condemning Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for recognizing the independence of the Donbass republics. New rounds of Western sanctions on Russia are forthcoming. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany is now suspended.

Moscow is accused of using “recognition” and sending in “peacekeeping Russian troops” as a backdoor for invasion. For months, the United States and its allies have been alleging Russia was planning to “imminently invade” Ukraine. Moscow had always refuted the claims as hysterical nonsense.

Now it seems the West can make out that their claims about Russian invasion plans are being proven – albeit under the guise of Moscow recognizing what was formerly Ukrainian territory as “independent republics”.

That view is made possible by being in a state of ignorance about the reality of conflict in Ukraine and the dire humanitarian conditions in Donbass. Western media never reported on the situation with any objectivity or fair concern. It had continually maintained the distorted propaganda narrative that Russia was “supporting a bloody rebellion” in Donbass as a proxy war against Ukraine.

The truth is the Kiev regime came to power through an illegal coup d’état in 2014 covertly supported by the CIA and NATO powers. The new regime was (and still is) dominated by Neo-Nazi factions who immediately turned to aggression against the Russian populations of Crimea and Donbass. Fortunately, Crimea was able to escape through a referendum in 2014 and join the Russian Federation which affords national security. In Western media that is portrayed as ‘Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea’.

The Donbass had to endure nearly eight years of aggression and siege tantamount to genocide. With mounting offensiveness by the Kiev regime in recent days and outright repudiation of the Minsk peace accord, Russia had no choice but to move to defend the Russian people of Donbass.

This will be twisted and vilified by Western media as a “Russian invasion” and undermining Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. But such distortion is only superficially tenable due to the ignorance or indifference of Western media about the reality of what has been happening in Ukraine over the past eight years and in particular in the Donbass.

Supposedly righteous Western governments and media have been supporting a regime whose forces are armed and trained by the United States and NATO to carry out a genocidal war against the Russian people of Donbass. That outrage had to be stopped. Moscow’s brave decision this week to recognize the Donbass republics was a necessity to stop the violence.

With the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics now having the support of Russia and its military, the Kiev regime and its NATO sponsors will have been given serious pause in their nefarious scheme. It didn’t have to be this way if the US and its European allies had not interfered in Ukraine and emboldened a Russophobic regime to wage a civil war. But since that had happened, and a peace accord was being trashed, the next best thing to do was to move to protect Russian people. Bravo Russia. The howls of condemnation we hear in the West is the cacophony of fools who are impotent anyway.

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