SHORT: Is Russia “Invading” Ukraine? Or Reacting to an Ongoing Occupation?

Is Russia really “invading” Ukraine? Or is it finally reacting to an ongoing occupation or capture of Ukraine – a nation on its own borders after 8 years of patience?

The US has admittedly interfered in Ukraine’s internal political affairs in violation of the UN Charter, admittedly spending billions of dollars to shape its political system and influence the outcome of its political process.

In 2014 the US overthrew the elected government of Ukraine and installed into power a regime answering to Washington, not the Ukrainian people – and for the benefit of Washington at the very obvious cost of Ukraine’s present and future stability and prosperity.


Guardian – US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev (2004):…

AGE (YouTube) – Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine” (starts at 7 minutes 26 seconds):

NBC News – Analysis: U.S. Cozies Up to Kiev Government Including Far Right (2014):…

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