Year End Review: 2022’s Biggest Events

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Manila Chan and Melik Abdul discussed several domestic and international topics, including a discussion on the big events of 2022.

Mark Sleboda – Military and political analyst| End of year review

Sabrina Salvati – Member of Revolutionary Blackout Network, political analyst, and podcaster| Twitter leaks; Trump tax records

Elijah Magnier – Veteran war correspondent| Turkish elections

In the first hour, the Fault Lines host discussed the upcoming inauguration of newly elected Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, along with the recent passing of Brazilian soccer legend Pele.

In the second hour, the hosts spoke to Elijah Magnier about the 2023 Turkish presidential elections, which has sparked the interest of several international observers due to the growing discontent of the ruling government.

In the last hour, the hosts were joined by Sabrina Salvati to discuss the latest Twitter files and the latest release of the Trump tax records by the House of Representatives.

Later in the hour, Mark Sleboda joined the show to discuss the major events that took place in 2022, including the Russian Special Military Operation.

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