Nuclear War, Capitalism, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The life of every terrestrial organism is being threatened with the steadily growing possibility of nuclear war because after the fall of the USSR a few imperialists decided that US unipolar hegemony needs to be maintained at all cost.

I’m growing a uniquely deep hatred for people who scoff at me for saying that nuclear war is a real risk. There’s no basis whatsoever for the belief that what the US empire is doing with Russia and China is safe. Your source is your own cognitive dissonance with the subject.

To be clear, the risk is not that anyone will choose to have a nuclear war, it’s that a nuke will be deployed amid heightening tensions as a result of miscommunication or malfunction, as nearly happened many times during the last cold war. The more tense things get, the likelier such an event becomes. This new cold war is happening along two fronts, with a bunch of proxy conflicts complicating things even further. There are so very many small moving parts, and it’s impossible to remain in control of all of them.

People like to think every nuclear-armed country has one “The Button” with which they can consciously choose to start a nuclear war after careful deliberation, but it doesn’t work that way. There are thousands of people in the world controlling different parts of different nuclear arsenals who could independently initiate a nuclear war. Thousands of “The Buttons”. It only takes one. The arrogance of believing anyone can control such a conflict safely, for years, is astounding.

The “Great Reset” will result in further widening of the wealth gap and more control for unelected oligarchs. Of course it will. Just like all the other steps in capitalism’s inevitable march toward dystopia. This isn’t a deviation, it’s a continuation.

Chortle, chortle, socialism is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy you silly child. Much more realistic to choke our planet to death chasing imaginary currency in an imaginary economy so we can pay to live on the planet where we were born.

“Socialism has never worked,” said the system that created the earth’s sixth mass extinction.

Capitalism is held in place by imagination, compartmentalization, violence, and a huge mountain of survivorship bias.

The unspoken premise of modern capitalism is that the world is about to be saved by union-busting tech billionaires who choose every day not to end world hunger.

Capitalism does not reward innovation in the way our world requires because:

  1. It constricts solutions to only those that can make money. All the crises our species now faces can be solved easily, but if the solution isn’t profitable it’s rejected.
  2. Capital buys up competitors’ solutions to shelve them.
  3. Stress inhibits creative thinking.

Life pro tip: 100 percent of the capitalism cultists who say you “don’t understand economics” are posturing. It’s an empty slogan they’ve been trained to bleat, and if you debate them for a bit you’ll soon find that all they can do is vaguely gesticulate at other people’s ideas which they clearly do not understand. They’re pure bluster.

“I need water.”

Better go find some then.

“All the water’s right there. You’re standing on the hose.”

You’re just jealous of my success.

“No I’m dying of thirst and you control all the water.”

Better pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make some water then.

All the chipper articles and news segments you’ve been seeing in the US mass media about “tiny houses” are really just glorifying the re-emergence of shanty towns in America.

Obama gets a lot of criticism for killing Libyans, killing Syrians, killing US citizens, killing all kinds of people all over the world, but he doesn’t get enough recognition for also killing the anti-war movement.

Imperialist warmongering is by far the worst expression of white supremacism in the world, yet liberals and progressives virtually ignore it. We’ve seen millions of establishment-endorsed lynchings of brown-skinned people since the turn of the century, and it’s accepted as normal.

Progressives who say “We have to work within the Democratic Party because the only alternative would be tearing down the entire system” are so close to getting it.

The dumbest thing about the Democratic primaries was watching all the mainstream narrative managers pretending all the shitlib candidates were different from each other. “Ooh, this one has brown skin, but this one speaks better Spanish! Let’s write ten thousand think pieces about these crucial political differences.”

Rank-and-file Democrats have been trained for four years to only care about foreign policy if a president wants to withdraw troops from somewhere that Russia might arguably approve of. Which will work out nicely for the foreign policy agendas of the Biden administration.

Your favorite artist has great content but shit political opinions because they’re very talented but our society is saturated with establishment propaganda. Hope that helps.

People tell me they like what I say but they wish I’d say it more politely. Uhh I’m trying to help topple a psychopathic global empire here. People who are put off by a little crude language aren’t really my target demographic.

The abusers I’ve known have had an interesting feature in common: they always expect, and feel entitled to, a private space to abuse you in. They get outraged and indignant if you tell others about their abuse, acting like you’ve done something deeply immoral. I say it’s interesting because the powerful people who demand secrecy behave the exact same way.

FYI your abuser is never entitled to a private space in which to inflict abuse, whether they’re a significant other or a globe-spanning empire.

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