BBC War Propaganda Strikes Myanmar

A recent BBC “investigation” claims Myanmar’s military carried out a series of massacres (in July). The “investigation” however was conducted without ever visiting the sites of the alleged incidents, depending entirely on information provided by the opposition or information provided by organizations outside of Myanmar funded by either the US or UK government. The BBC’s “investigation” also contradicted other accounts of the same incident provided by opposition groups.

None of this essential information is mentioned in the BBC article to deliberately avoid undermining an obviously faulty investigation put together for propaganda not journalistic purposes.


BBC – Tortured to death: Myanmar mass killings revealed:…

Myanmar Witness – Centre for Information Resilience:

AAPP – Massacres in Kani Township, Yinmabin District, Sagaing Region:

National Endowment for Democracy – Ko Bo Kyi (AAPP founder):

Reuters – Myanmar ethnic group pledges probe into mass grave allegations:…

Myanmar Now – After a bold attack, PDF fighters consider their next move (admissions of targeting red cross workers as “fair game”):…

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    Learn about what the OSINT, How it works Sar.

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      I think you should probably try to know and research it more carefully before your show something online without enough knowledge. Good luck.


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