Zelensky’s Davos Speech Should Alarm All Peace-Loving People In The World

Reviewing the unprecedented proposals put forth by Zelensky presumably at his foreign handlers’ behest, they collectively represent the cutting edge of US-led Western hegemony.

Ukrainian President Zelensky gave a highly disturbing speech at this week’s Davos Summit that should alarm all peace-loving people in the world because of the literally unprecedented proposals that he shared. Apart from ranting about Russia like he pathologically does during every one of his public appearances, which one of CNN’s US intel sources admitted last month is always an “information operation” and therefore pure propaganda, he demanded that the US-led West implement a policy of maximum preemptive sanctions on the false pretext of averting future wars.

According to him, the US-led West’s presently unprecedented ones against Russia in response to its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine aren’t enough and came too late. He wants them to do more by completely cutting their target off from the global economy. Had this been done last year, the Ukrainian leader said, then Russia supposedly wouldn’t have intervened. Put another way considering the regional security context in which this operation was launched, Zelensky is implying that the US-led West should unilaterally threaten others’ security then maximally sanction them before they can react.

In the event that the targeted state isn’t deterred from these preemptive sanctions aimed at crippling their economy so that they agree to unilateral concessions on issues of objective national security but instead kinetically responds in self-defense like Russia did in late February, then Zelensky wants there to be “a global structure that can provide sufficient support within 24 hours for any country that has suffered a military attack”. Provisionally called “United24”, Zelensky compared it to “the 911 service”, adding that it must be able to “guarantee security on a global scale” upon request.

This proposal, which amounts to the de facto globalization of NATO, could also help countries that have suffered from “natural disaster or, for example, a pandemic.” With the US-led West’s track record in mind, those two events could be exploited as the pretext for invading other countries on “humanitarian imperialist” bases. Since some of these targeted states might disproportionately contribute to the global food supply chain, Zelensky also proposed “to create an organization of responsible and democratic food-exporting states that can act with respect for human rights and global trade rules.”

The creation of a global food cartel by those countries that fall within the US-led West’s “sphere of influence” could lead to a new Hybrid War weapon that can easily be used against targeted states across the Global South. Not only could they find themselves preemptively sanctioned to the max in parallel with having their national security unilaterally threatened, but their people might also become victims of artificially manufactured famines intended to pressure the starving masses into overthrowing their governments through Color Revolutions out of pure desperation to survive.

The other precedent that Zelensky, or rather those US-led Western strategists that are using him as their face to introduce these ideas to the public, proposes concerns post-conflict reconstruction. The Ukrainian model that he’s overseeing was described by him in the following way: “And we offer a special – historically significant – model of reconstruction. When each of the partner countries or partner cities or partner companies will have the opportunity – historical one – to take patronage over a particular region of Ukraine, city, community or industry.”

In other words, the economic pie will be divided by various countries amongst themselves, each of which will dominate a particular region, city, community, or industry. There’s no way to describe this other than prompting a so-called “scramble” for targeted countries (or proxy ones like in Ukraine’s case) akin to the infamous one in Africa during the late 19th century. This mixture of neo- and traditional imperialism confirms that the US-led West is going back to its historic basics of not even attempting to hide its hegemonic intentions over others anymore.

Reviewing the unprecedented proposals put forth by Zelensky presumably at his foreign handlers’ behest, they collectively represent the cutting edge of US-led Western hegemony. From the policy of preemptive maximum sanctions in parallel with unilaterally threatening others’ security to the de facto globalization of NATO under the “United24” banner, the new food cartel, and the literally imperialist policy of “reconstructing” post-conflict countries, it’s clear that his speech was meant to inspire the Western policymakers at Davos to follow his lead and implement these ideas into practice. That should alarm all peace-loving people across the world because it suggests the start of a new era of global chaos.


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