Biden’s Ramadan gift

US arms package is a green light for Netanyahu to invade Rafah and continue the slaughter

The latest $2.5 billion package of hi-tech weaponry the Biden administration has opted to send to Israel — including F-35 warplanes and 2,000lb bombs — amounts to a green light for Netanyahu to go ahead with his planned invasion of Rafah.

The decision, unveiled on Saturday, affirms that Washington is a direct participant in Israel’s murderous war of starvation and annihilation against the Gaza Strip. That makes it incumbent on the resistance to immediately withdraw from the cease-fire talks in Doha and Cairo. The US has never been and never will be a peace broker. It is a full participant in the war, and must be treated as such.

By proceeding with this deal while pretending to be at odds with Netanyahu’s government, the US demonstrates the utmost hypocrisy, double standards, and immorality. It leaves no doubt about its complicity in Israel’s plans to prolong the war to annihilate the Gaza Strip and make it uninhabitable.

Why else would supply it with 1,800 of those massively destructive Mark 84 bombs, which can flatten entire tower-blocks from their foundations, if there are any left to flatten, forming craters 11m deep and 15m wide and sowing death and destruction in a 400m radius.

The Biden administration sends lethal airdrops of packaged meals to the Palestinians, while sending sophisticated warplanes and deadly munitions to the occupying state. Could anything be more cynical, sickening, and criminally obscene? Even Nazism at the height of its power did not reach such heights of hypocrisy and doublethink. At least Nazism was clear about its intentions and beliefs. It never claimed to be championing freedom worldwide or fighting to impose respect for human rights as the US does.

I do not know what the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip do to the American people to deserve such treatment by their government. It is actively supporting their murder, starvation, and annihilation. It sends weapons of mass destruction to wipe out the survivors after destroying 90% of their homes and displacing two million of them, while defunding the UN agency that provides them with the minimum basics of survival.

Does the notion of self-defence as understood by the US justify killing more than 33,000 people, mostly women and children, and injuring 100,000 at the very least? Do ‘American values’ warrant destroying most of the Gaza Strip’s hospitals, murdering medical teams, cutting off electricity and removing premature babies from their incubators, and preventing the delivery of medical supplies? The question is directed to those in the Western world who preach the virtues of civilisation and a rules-based international order.

The shame is not just on the US administration. It extends to the Arab governments that have remained silent about the massacres, and even directly or indirectly assisted them by colluding with the occupying power and turning their backs on its crimes in the Gaza Strip over the past six months.

With its unconcealed support for the occupation’s crimes, the US has demonstrated that it is the real enemy and source of the problem. The same must be said about all the Arab and other regimes that have been complicit with it and its ally Israel — whether by supplying it with goods and fuel or behaving as neutral onlookers while it perpetrates its atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

That includes those who have been playing the role of mediators to try to mask their ugly faces.

Mark my words, all of this behaviour will be remembered and reacted to far into the future.

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