Netanyahu Blows Off Biden’s ‘Red Lines’, Vows Rafah Invasion

Stay updated on global affairs with hosts Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul as they delve into Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bold stance on proceeding with a potential invasion of Rafah, situated on the southern border of the Gaza Strip, despite warnings from United States President Joe Biden.

In the first hour, Fault Lines and weapons of mass destruction whistleblower Scott Ritter engage in a thought-provoking discussion on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s determination to pursue an invasion of Rafah, disregarding President Biden’s cautionary stance, alongside the Pentagon’s frustrations regarding Ukrainian forces’ reluctance to adopt their advised war tactics against Russia.

Moving into the second hour, Fault Lines converses with veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier about Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon and delves deeper into President Biden’s warning to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the “red line” concerning the potential invasion of Rafah.

During the third hour, veteran and former city council candidate Armen Kurdian joins Fault Lines to dissect Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s campaign trajectories leading up to Tuesday’s primary voting elections.

Concluding the program, international affairs analyst and professor of Latin American studies Danny Shaw provides insights on the political turbulence in Haiti, coinciding with a US military operation to evacuate non-essential embassy personnel and bolster embassy security amidst a state of emergency spurred by escalating gang violence.

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