Whitney Webb on How Government Steals From Us, Bombshell Epstein Book, Bitcoin & Decentralization

Whitney Webb is a writer, podcaster and researcher at Unlimited Hangout, mostly covering intelligence, tech, surveillance and civil liberties. She is also the author of the new book, “One Nation Under Blackmail.”

00:00 Swan Bitcoin promo
1:17 Growing up in North Carolina, studying religion, history
5:07 Living on farm in South America
6:47 Settling in Chile, joining MintPress News
8:30 Jeffrey Epstein ties to intelligence; Clinton, Bush, Trump families
13:33 Finding publisher
17:32 Epstein connection to Bill Gates; corruption then and now
24:18 Using primary sources, authoritative secondary sources
26:12 Americans look for political savior
29:41 Professional criminals are in power, want to start a civil war
31:26 Bubbles, asset classes, wealth concentration
32:22 Naming financial criminals
33:24 Ghislaine Maxwell background, abused by father Robert Maxwell
36:08 Deaths surrounding Epstein case, Mark Middleton connection
39:19 Ron Brown plane crash
43:22 Epstein responsible for Bear Stearns collapse?
46:10 iTrustCapital promo
46:57 Bitcoin Amsterdam, Bitcoin 2023 promo
48:02 Fold app promo
48:38 Not worried for her life
49:07 Tearing down current corrupt system
50:46 Investing in land, cryptocurrency, BTC
52:42 Not too far down Bitcoin rabbit hole
53:45 Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC
54:51 Concealing online identity, illusion of privacy
56:22 COVID crisis, climate crisis, World Economic Forum
58:55 WEF founder, executive chairman Klaus Schwab
1:01:01 Eugenics, genetic engineering, transhumanism
1:02:17 Moving toward neofeudalism
1:03:59 Metaverse
1:04:55 Financializing natural, human, social capital, relationships, livelihood
1:09:08 Natural asset corporations
1:11:25 Environmental issues
1:15:05 Hope for future?
1:19:33 Decentralization is only way out
1:20:30 Mainstream media distrusted, biased
1:23:51 Prep for cyberattack
1:26:05 Economic collapse inevitable
1:33:21 Keep digging into Epstein
1:35:43 Bill Gates, Microsoft
1:38:04 Most powerful person in the world

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