Whitney Webb Interview – Their “Wellcome Leap” Toward Transhumanism & Why You’re Now A “Terrorist”

Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her recent articles. One on the very alarming development in the US government war on its own people, and another regarding the aggressive government push toward a technocratic transhumanism future for the human race.

We have discussed the agenda to alter human evolution using nanotechnology more than once on this show. An open agenda was put forth by the White House in 2002 with the stated direction of “converging” human biology with nanotechnology. Today we see this rapidly progressing under a guise of fighting COVID-19.

One thought on “Whitney Webb Interview – Their “Wellcome Leap” Toward Transhumanism & Why You’re Now A “Terrorist”

  • Dr. Eric Karlstrom

    Hi Whitney and Ryan, This is a great interview and extremely helpful for me and for countless others, I’m sure!!!! I am a retired geography professor who has, in fact, been a guinea pig for these kinds of programs for a long time. Sometimes we are referred to as “targeted individuals” and the program we have been nonconsensually and extra-judicially enrolled in is sometimes called “gangstalking-electronic harassment”- there are many other names for it as well.

    I now have over 1700 posts on my gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com website that detail many aspects of this diabolical program…. I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you on these topics- either in interviews or simply via email or phone. Thank you and I love you both for your brilliance and courage in the face of this horrendous evil.


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