Maintaining Western domination now trumps Palestinian lives

We helplessly watch the massacre of the population of Gaza. Already 8,000 dead! Western powers have abandoned civilians to their fate. They are only concerned with maintaining their domination over the world. What is now at stake in Gaza is no longer the Palestinian question, but the international order. After the defeat of NATO in Ukraine, that of Israel in Gaza would mark the end of a world.

Never in three-quarters of a century have we been so close to general confrontation.


The Israeli Air Force continues to bomb Gaza City in retaliation for the attack by the United Palestinian Resistance (except Fatah) on October 7. Bombs fell throughout the city, killing residents by the thousands. According to a poll  [ 1 ] carried out in June 2022 by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, only 34% of Palestinians would vote for Hamas compared to 31% for Fatah if legislative elections took place. Two-thirds of the victims of Israeli bombings are therefore hostile to Hamas. At the same time, 71% support the armed struggle against the Israeli occupation. From this point of view, 56% prefer Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) to Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah).

Israel cannot therefore claim to eradicate Hamas in this way, but only to eliminate the population of Gaza who resist it.


Three-quarters of the Israeli army is still stationed in front of the Separation Wall, waiting for the order to cross it to finish off the survivors of the bombings. Officially, the United States hopes to avoid a massacre by encouraging Israel to show moderation. In reality, Washington knows that this operation was not initially directed against Hamas, but aimed to resolve the Palestinian question by expelling its entire population. Also the State Department, anxious to avoid a genocide, offered Egypt to cancel its entire foreign debt ($135 billion) if it accommodated and naturalized the 2.2 million Gazans.

For the moment Marshal Al-Sissi refuses. Cairo is sticking to the Arab League resolution which, after the Six-Day War, asserted that displacing Palestinians and naturalizing them was nothing more than a falsely compassionate move to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Read: “  The note from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence recommending the expulsion of Gazans to Egypt  ”

During his hearing by the Knesset, General Yitzhak Brik gave a catastrophic assessment of the capabilities of the Israeli army.


Since the start of this war, or rather this episode of a long war, the Israelis have realized the current weakness of their armies. Since 2015, the specialized press has been discussing the decadence of the IDF, but it was only in 2018 that the political class became aware of it. At the time, the Knesset (Parliament) interviewed General Yitzhak Brik. He explained to the stunned deputies that the soldiers had lost the idea of ​​defending the country, that the officers did not hesitate to lie to cover themselves in the event of a problem and that the generals had political and not military careers. Five years later, not only has nothing changed, but everything has gotten worse.
The Israeli press is returning these days to the declarations of General Yitzhak Brik according to which the Israelis would be forced to defend themselves, without being able to hope for the help of their armies, during a future war.
This is precisely what happened on October 7.
The Prime Minister went to consult the general on October 22, but no press release or declaration allows us to know what the two men said to each other. At most we know that General Brik demanded the dismissal of the director of Military Intelligence (Aman) and the head of Southern Command.

And that’s not all. For the first time, the adversaries of colonization have effective weapons. The study of Hamas videos is clear. The organization has FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile launchers (US-made) and NLAW (Swedish-made) and AT4 rocket launchers (Swedish or US-made). As for the Lebanese Hezbollah, it has an impressive stock of medium-range missiles which, with the training of its men, makes it a powerful military power much superior to that of the Arab States.

Hamas’ weapons are American or Swedish. They were purchased in Ukraine from corrupt officers. Those of Hezbollah come from Iran, via Iraq and Syria. No one knows how many Hamas has.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, received Hamas number two, Saleh el-Arouri, and the leader of Islamic Jihad, Ziad el-Nakhala.

For the moment, the conflict is confined to the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel did not rise up. Neither do refugees from Jordan and Lebanon. Hezbollah was stopped by Resolution 1701 that its ministers signed at the end of the Israeli-Lebanese war of 2006  [ 2 ] . He cannot cross the Litani River and enter Israeli territory without breaking his word, which, unlike Westerners, matters to him. This commitment will no longer hold if Israel attacks Lebanon. So for the moment, Hezbollah is standing by, and is destroying Israeli surveillance cameras and radars along the border one by one. In this way, he will be able to take the Israeli army by surprise if he decides to enter the war.


How can we not be stunned that the United States, France and the United Kingdom all three vetoed a proposal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire? How can we not interpret this as a desire to prolong this conflict, which began 76 years ago? From this point of view, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s analysis works. Before his parliamentary group, he declared: “Those who cause the problem, of course, do not want a solution,” referring to the way in which the French Empire and the British Empire created the Palestinian question without a solution. “The more the crisis gets worse, the more it becomes entrenched, the better it is for their interests (…) They want the Israeli-Palestinian issue to get worse… They want peace and stability to never come in this region… They want the shadow of war to never leave the Eastern Mediterranean… They want the people who have lived there for thousands of years not to benefit from the resources of these lands… They want their system of exploitation based on blood, persecution and tears to continue… This is what we oppose. We reject this system of exploitation for which all people in the region, Muslims, Christians and Jews, pay the price.”

On October 23, the French Prime Minister defended a balanced position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, she tried to hide the French veto of the proposal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. In doing so, she showed that she no longer had control. The rest of the events are beyond his government’s control.

It is so shameful that the French Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, speaking from the podium of the National Assembly, accused Russian propaganda of having wrongly attributed France to having vetoed a proposal [ Russian] for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire… citing the Brazilian proposal, which it [on the other hand] voted for. There were in fact two different proposals: the Russian one limiting itself to the strict neutrality imposed by humanitarian action, presented during a closed session on October 17, and the Brazilian one condemning Hamas for its barbaric acts. , presented during a public session on October 25.
France had not used the veto since 1976 (to continue its colonization of Mayotte), but this time it used it as recognized by its permanent representative to the Security Council, Nicolas de Rivière. The Brazilian resolution was inapplicable because it condemned one of the parties. France knew it when it voted for it.


There is, however, another explanation. The United States initially called on Israel for moderation. Then, they transported two naval groups there and established an airlift with 97 transport planes to transport quantities of munitions there (to Israel, but also to Jordan and Cyprus). Finally, they bombed pro-Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria. Washington has considered the possible consequences of an Israeli defeat in Gaza after NATO’s defeat in Ukraine. The West would no longer be feared. All rules imposed outside of international law would suddenly be called into question. All the peoples that the West has kept in childhood for centuries, even shamelessly exploited, would revolt. It would be a complete change of times.

The resentment accumulated over decades suggests uncontrollable savagery in this revolt like that which Hamas has already demonstrated. So the great Western powers have decided to turn a blind eye to the ongoing massacre. They are aware of allowing and facilitating genocide, but are even more afraid of having to be held accountable for their past and current crimes.

What is at stake in Gaza is therefore no longer the Palestinian question, but Western supremacy, the reign of its rules, and the undue benefits that Westerners derive from it.

The tension has never been so high since the Second World War. Russia is aware of this and is preparing for a possible nuclear war. Since the start of the war in Gaza, it has conducted two large-scale military exercises. with intercontinental ballistic missile launches. It is no longer a game. It has simulated the death of a third of its own population and the transformation of part of its territory into a prohibited zone due to atomic fallout.


1 ]  “  Public Opinion Poll No (88)  ”, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, June, 2022.

2 ]  The Terrible Imposture 2. Manipulations and Fake News , Thierry Meyssan, Demi-Lune (2007). The work is entirely devoted to the 2006 war.

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