A crime is being prepared before our eyes, will we prevent it?

The Israeli army is preparing to ethnically cleanse the Gaza Strip in accordance with the old dream of Jewish supremacists. However, in Israel and the United States, many citizens oppose this crime. While in the Middle East, many volunteers are preparing to save them by attacking the Jewish state.

Contrary to the perception we have of this conflict, the impossibility of resolving it for 76 years does not come from the bad faith of its protagonists. But from the absence of choice between two systems: a world “based on rules” or “on international law”.

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Events are accelerating in Israel/Palestine. Everyone sees the Israeli army preparing and beginning the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip. The assessment established by the United Nations on Friday evening was that already a third of Gaza City had been reduced to ashes while almost all of the city’s inhabitants had fled to the South, with no other alternative than to camp in the fields.

After having considered launching a counter-insurgency war on the model of the Battle of Algiers or Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, the Israeli general staff plans to completely raze the city of Gaza, then to send its army of Earth eliminate survivors. According to the Israeli Minister of Defense, this plan should take three months, according to his American counterpart, nine months.

The army chief of staff, General Herzl Halevi, declared on October 21: “We will enter the Gaza Strip for an operational and professional mission: to destroy Hamas agents and infrastructure (…) Gaza is complex and dense, the enemy is preparing a lot of things there, but we are also preparing for him.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) protested on October 14 against the evacuation order given by the Israelis to hospitals in Gaza. She noted that moving patients to intensive care would condemn them to death  [ 1 ] . Three days later, Al Ahli Hospital was destroyed. Israelis and Palestinians blame each other for this massacre. Moreover, none of Israel’s allies have sought to come to the aid of the Gazans. Yet the US, Germany and the UK have field hospitals, medicine and food that they can airdrop into Gaza. In fact, all three were preparing to help the Israeli army rather than to help a population in distress.

The United States sent the IDF thousands of 155-millimeter shells and an unknown number of Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) penetrating bombs, capable of destroying everything at a depth of 30 or 40 meters and over a radius of 400 meters.


For months, massive demonstrations denounced Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish supremacist allies and the reform of fundamental laws placing the judiciary under the control of the Executive. Nothing happened, the “coup d’état” took place this summer.

By “Jewish supremacists”, I mean the Jewish Force party (Otzma Yehudit), the assumed heir of the American movement, Jewish Defense League of Rabbi Meir Kahane. This organization opposed any contact with the Soviet Union and today with Russia. She called for the killing of neo-Nazis and assassinated the director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. It is explicitly racist and opposes any marriage between Jews and goims (non-Jews). It has been classified as a terrorist organization in the United States since 2001. It was secretly financed by Yitzhak Shamir with the funds of the State of Israel  [ 2 ] .

“Divine surprise”, the attack of the United Palestinian Resistance (except Fatah), on October 7, gave the Jewish supremacists the opportunity to achieve their goal, stated many times: ethnically cleansing Palestine of Palestinian Arabs, whether either by the transfer of its population or by its extermination.

Faced with the emotion of the Israeli population and the danger threatening the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed an emergency government like all his predecessors in such cases. However, where it took Golda Meir a few hours during the Six-Day War, it took her 7 days during Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”. A war council was formed within the government to keep Jewish supremacists at bay.

But this restricted cabinet was, from its first meeting, the scene of a clash between supporters of the destruction of Gaza and those of a targeted operation against the Palestinian Resistance. Most ministers have been content to speak publicly about action against Hamas, since military censorship prohibits reporting on the actions of other Palestinian factions. The Minister of Defense, General Yoav Gallant, attacked both the Prime Minister, whom he considers delusional, and his predecessor, General Benny Ganz, whom he considers weak. In June the Prime Minister banned his Defense Minister from entering his office at army headquarters, a ban that remains in place. He refuses to work with the military head of infrastructure repair, General Roni Numa. He appointed a high-ranking official to do the same thing as him, Moshe Edri, but the latter reports to the Jewish supremacist Minister of Finance, Bezalel Smotrich, and relations between the military and civilians in this area are not organized, nor even planned. Let us remember that General Numa led protests against the Prime Minister two weeks ago. He has filed a legal appeal against the “reforms” which he rightly describes as a “coup d’état”. In addition, several
key ministries (National Security, Education, Information, Intelligence and Culture)
still do not have directors general. The military censorship covering this disorder is such that the Minister of Information, Distel Atbaryan, slammed the door in the middle of the war.

Before the war, reservists assured en masse that they would not obey criminal orders from their country’s anti-democratic government. Today they have been mobilized and no one knows what they will do. Benjamin Netanyahu came to visit some of them to ensure their loyalty. For the moment, Israeli infantry and cavalry (tanks) are stationed in front of Gaza and the Lebanese border, waiting for orders which do not come. Yet the Air Force is bombing Gaza City at an unprecedented rate. According to the United Nations, it has already reduced at least a third of the city to dust.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli ambassador to the UN, is doing his best to ensure that all UN agencies and all member states condemn Hamas. Although he was well received in the first days of the war, he encountered more and more difficulty in making his country’s point of view heard.


If the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza managed to reunify thanks to consultations organized at the beginning of the year by Iran in Lebanon, President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah is continuing its policy of collaboration with Israel. He does not hesitate to tell all his interlocutors that he alone is not complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e. Hamas).

He probably hoped to remain the only one acceptable to Westerners, but he immediately lost all moral authority over the Palestinians in general and those in the West Bank in particular. So when US President Joe Biden, faced with the demonstrations shaking Jordan, canceled the summit he had convened there and in which President Abbas was to participate, the latter refused to take the former’s phone call. The controversy sparked by the destruction of a hospital in Gaza conveniently served to mask the mistakes of the Palestinian Authority, which no longer knows how to behave. He has just sanctioned a member of the Fatah Central Committee, Abbas Zaki, who praised the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation and regretted that Fatah did not participate in it.

Hamas is also divided between supporters of the Resistance in Gaza and those of political Islam abroad. While his fighters are fighting ardently, Khaled Mechaal, president of the political bureau, while thanking the Lebanese Hezbollah for keeping part of the Israeli army on alert on the Lebanese border, criticized it for not doing enough. The goal of Meshaal (killing Israelis) is not at all the same as that of Hezbollah (defeating the State of Israel) and its own Hamas fighters.


US President Joe Biden visited Israel to assure the country of his support. He did not meet with Jewish supremacist ministers, but participated in a war council. He said he was aware that the Israelis had to put an end to Hamas. He assured his interlocutors that he would provide them with 155-minute shells and penetrating bombs… but he asked them to show moderation. His ambiguous remarks were interpreted as a free pass by supporters of ethnic cleansing, but as an order for restraint by others.

In the United States, Jewish pacifists demonstrated in front of Congress. The Capitol police, remembering the Trumpist assault, harshly repressed them. 500 of them have been arrested and could be brought to justice.

A senior State Department official, Josh Paul, abruptly resigned on October 18, accusing the Biden administration of having no policy and, ultimately, covering up ethnic cleansing in the making. He’s not just anyone, after a brilliant career in the office of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and in Congress, he was for 11 years the director of the Office of Political and Military Affairs. He was the one who validated all arms transfers.

On this momentum, 441 parliamentary assistants gathered in an adjacent building of the Capitol to denounce the lack of conscience of the Biden administration and the members of the two assemblies. If Josh Paul was a Jew close to J Street, the pro-Israeli anti-Netanyahu lobby, these rebels come from both the Jewish minority and the Muslim minority. They do not contest the fight against the political Islamists of Hamas, they warn against the commission of genocide. Everyone is perfectly aware that their position exposes them to dismissals.

State Department officials, regardless of their rank in the hierarchy, have the opportunity to express their disagreement on a forum dedicated to this purpose. This generally involves criticizing the abuses of a department head. However, now, officials are discussing the moral bankruptcy of the Biden administration which ignores the opinion of its experts. The most virulent emails were signed by many office colleagues so that this forum gave rise to a mutiny  [ 3 ] .

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a draft resolution to ban $14.3 billion in emergency aid to Israel requested by President Joe Biden. Tim Scott (R-S.C.
) , presidential candidate, announced that he refused to vote for Israel. He is the Republican leader on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.


The vassals of the United States persist in blindly aligning themselves with Washington’s positions. A closed meeting of the United Nations Security Council was the scene of a stupid clash of the permanent representative of the United States, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, with her Russian counterpart, Vassily Nebenzia. While the two countries have resolved numerous crises in the Middle East by mutual agreement, the current tension between them has led Washington to use its veto.

The session focused on a Russian proposal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The ambassador accused Russia of protecting Hamas because her draft resolution did not condemn it. However, as a matter of principle, all humanitarian actions, since Henry Dunant and the creation of the International Red Cross, must not take sides in the conflict in which they intervene. Whether we are shocked by the Hamas commandos or by the Israeli Air Force, we must above all not condemn one or the other, nor even condemn their actions, but exclusively come to the aid of the victims. However, Washington, adopting a one-eyed moral posture and not a humanitarian or political one, condemns at all costs. And it does not designate barbaric acts, but some of the individuals who perpetrate them.

During the session, France, Japan and the United Kingdom made comments similar to those of their overlord. France used its veto for the first time since 1976, thus giving a blank check to a genocide in preparation. As the meeting was held behind closed doors, the United Nations did not release the verbatim report, nor even the minutes, but Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière recognized it, while the daily Le Monde denied it .

This same attitude was chosen by the French Minister of Justice, Éric Dupont-Moretti. He stressed before the National Assembly that supporting the Muslim supremacists of Hamas was supporting the terrorist acts he commits, and that this carries a risk of 5 years in prison. Yes, but supporting the Jewish supremacists who began destroying Gaza City is exactly the same crime. Initially, France banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations, until the Council of State repealed this provision which violates the constitutional right to express one’s opinions.

A second session of the Security Council rejected an identical draft resolution from Brazil. This explicitly took up the official version according to which the October 7 attack had been perpetrated by Hamas alone and condemned the organization. This time, it was the United Kingdom and Russia who denounced it. In the end, no text was adopted.

At the same time, Qatar managed to free two US-Israeli prisoners from Hamas, in exchange for the passage of 20 humanitarian aid trucks, 7 fuel tankers and other undisclosed commitments. Before the war, there were at least 100 per day. The issue of prisoner exchanges is becoming more complex: since the start of the war, Israeli security forces have arrested and incarcerated 1,070 additional Palestinians in high-security prisons.
Abu Oubaida, the spokesman for the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades, said Hamas had considered releasing two more prisoners, but Israel had not followed through on the proposal.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Israel after the US president. He also supported the Israeli response against Hamas. The Defenses of the United Kingdom and Israel are linked by a Treaty, signed two years ago, the terms of which have never been made public.
In London, 100,000 citizens marched in the streets to try to dissuade their government from supporting the planned crime. To respond, the Jewish Leadership Council organized a rally of a few thousand people in Trafalgar Square.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, also made her pilgrimage to Tel Aviv. The Cypriot President, Níkos Christodoulídis, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and the Dutch interim Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, are expected soon.

Celebrating his Sunday Mass, Pope Francis said: “War, any war in the world — I also think of the tormented Ukraine — is a defeat. War is always a defeat; it is a destruction of human brotherhood. Brothers, stop! Stopped ! “.


An international peace conference was held in Cairo at the initiative of President Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi. The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the High Representative of the Union Josep Borrell, the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Ben Zayed, the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad al-Sabah, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammad Chia el-Soudani, Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides, the President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. A total of thirty states were represented. But neither the United States, nor China, nor Russia and especially not Israel, participated in this summit.
The Emir of Qatar, Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, arrived crowned with the release of the “US hostages”, but did not give a speech, given the anti-Hamas position of the West.
The Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, declined the invitation. Algeria organized, in October 2022, a conference for the unity of the Palestinian people. She amended the Arab League resolution by noting that she dissociated herself from “double standards” which do not establish a hierarchy between the rights of the Palestinians and Israel’s violations of them.

Guterres said the October 7 attack “can never justify collective punishment of the Palestinian people.”
Mahmoud Abbas, for his part, declared: “We will not leave, we will stay on our lands.”
Egypt clings to the position of the Arab League of 1969: welcoming new Palestinian refugees would be complicit in the ethnic cleansing of their historic homeland. An intellectually fair position, but which poorly masks the fear of a Palestinian invasion as Lebanon and Jordan experienced. The Palestinians then attempted to take power by force of arms in Beirut (the Lebanese War), then in Amman (Black September) and to establish the State of Palestine there by default.

Ultimately, this summit was of no use: everyone stuck to their positions. On the one hand those who wanted to condemn Hamas, on the other those who wanted to support the Palestinian Resistance, of which Hamas is the main component.

In the Middle East, many groups gather volunteers to save Palestinians and attack Israel. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are trying to set up a common staff which would unite the Palestinian fighters of Hamas, the PFLP and Islamic Jihad, the Lebanese fighters of Hezbollah, the SSNP and the Jamaa Islamiya, but also the Jordanians and Iraqis.


The widespread division, in all camps, makes decision-making impossible. While it seems unlikely that Israel will place its army at the service of the genocidal project of its Jewish supremacist ministers, time is not an ally of peace. While each side attempts to establish its position, bombs continue to rain heavily on Gaza and weapons continue to arrive in Israel. Already 1,300 Israelis and 4,137 Palestinians have died.

The impossibility of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not lie in Israeli bad faith. In reality we are all complicit: it shows the ineptitude of the “rules-based world” that the US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, attempted to create in 1942-45 and which we agreed to the dissolution of the USSR. It operates based on the rules laid down by the Anglo-Saxons, now made public by the G7. On the contrary, the general secretary of the CPSU, Joseph Stalin, and the head of the French government in exile, Charles De Gaulle, demanded a “world based on international law”. In the latter, States are sovereign and are only required to respect the Treaties they have signed. It is on this basis that the United Nations was created. It is up to us to return to the founding text, the San Francisco Charter. Applied to the current conflict, this means firstly for Israel respecting its own signature at the bottom of its letter of accession to the UN, and for the Palestinian Authority, that of its signature affixed to the Oslo Accords.



1 ]  “  Israel’s evacuation orders to hospitals in northern Gaza are a death sentence for the sick and injured  ,” World Health Organization , October 14, 2023.

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