2023 Geopolitical Marathon

In this special holiday episode, we review the main geopolitical events of 2023 with the best interviews of the year, including Scott Ritter, Pepe Escobar, Jeffrey Sachs, Jackson Hinkle, Alastair Crooke and Alexander Dugin.

“2023 was the year of ‘global upheaval and rebirth’. On the one hand, you have a lot of wars and destruction, but the other no less significant aspect was that 2023 was the year of new alliances, of new trading routes, of new ideas. And I genuinely believe that 2023 took us one step closer to the emergence of a new world order, one that would be more just more equitable and more prosperous than the one that we have right now.”

Dimitri Simes Jr.

Host of the New Rules podcast

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