The “Vaccine” Has Failed to Protect, But It Is Succeeding in Diminishing the Population

“Why is this [massive adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccine”] being kept a secret? When will the public be made aware so we can get treatment? Will we recover? You have no idea the pain and suffering that many people have been going through. I wish you could experience what we are experiencing to understand my pleas. It is very difficult to live this way. At times, I am in so much pain that I don’t want to live. It is so shocking to me that this suppression of information and the truth can occur in our country. As a physician, I never imagined this could occur here in the United States, with our great medical system and regulatory agencies.” — Danice Hertz, MD

This article from Children’s Health Defense — — is very revealing. The massive number — hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions— of serious, including tens of thousands of deaths, adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccines” are not reported by the scum presstitutes and ignored by the CDC, NIH, and FDA even though the FDA predicted that there were 110 separate serious life-threatening adverse reactions expected to the mRNA “vaccine,” which would be more accurately termed a “death jab.”

Dr. Hertz, indoctrinated as she is about the wonderful American medical system, trusted the public health authorities at the cost of the demise of her health. Within 30 minutes of the vaccine, she began experiencing horrible reactions.  She turned to the CDC and NIH for help, and none was forthcoming.  Despite the fact that the FDA predicted in advance  110 adverse reactions to the death jab, the CDC and NIH regard adverse reactions to the vaccine as new Covid cases or some kind of new or old disease, and do not acknowledge the  adverse reactions.

This indicates that the medical authorities do not understand the effect on the human body of the mRNA “vaccine” or that they are not willing to recognize the devastating health injuries and deaths that are caused by the vaccine.

The experts I consult, they are censored of course, are fearful that a large percentage of the vaccinated will sooner or later die from the vaccine.  Pregnant women who are injected will find that they are denied grandchildren, because the “vaccine” destroys female fertility.

The question is:  Will the diminishing of the population lead finally to a questioning of the “vaccine,” or will the diminishing of the population be used for a new fear program to drive insouciant people to subject themselves to booster jabs.  If you survived the “double vaccination,” don’t take further risks with your health with another jab of a substance that obviously does not protect against Covid and obviously has serious side effects.

I have a friend who knew better than to accept inoculation but succumbed to pressure and did so.  His symptoms are not as severe as Dr. Heertz’s, but they parallel them. He has lost the use of his legs.

His medical diagnosis is Guillain-Barre Syndrome, but the treatments for Gullain-Barre do nothing to help him.

The same for Dr. Hertz.  The doctors think they are treating a disease that is independent of, and unrelated to, the vaccine-caused adverse reaction.

What we are witnessing is either the failure of the “wonderful” American health care system or the complicity of public health authorities in population reduction.

A vaccine that kills and injures a large percent of the population and causes infertility, but is represented in the Western world as the solution to an orchestrated “Covid Pandemic,” and whose adverse reactions are not acknowledged and studied so that treatment can be applied, is a vaccine for the reduction of the population.

The “Vaccine” Has Failed to Protect, But It Is Succeeding in Diminishing the Population

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