The “Public Sector” Has Long Been Privatized

American liberals see the public sector as where government does good for citizens, and they see the private sector as the place citizens are ripped off by greedy capitalists who must be endlessly regulated in order to protect the public.  This liberal view amounts to total delusion.

For many years I have pointed out that the public sector has been privatized and is much more private than the private sector because it is not regulated.  There used to be a field of economics called public finance which was entirely an illusion.

Conservatives have long opposed big government because of its threat to liberty.  The overlooked equal threat is that government, not the market,  is the mechanism used by private interests to impose the cost of implementing its self-serving agendas on the public.  When you get right down to it, government serves no public interest.

In this article Jeffrey Sachs, a liberal who was mugged, does an excellent job of explaining the privatization of US military and foreign policy by those whose fortunes, power, and political careers are served at the expense of the lives and incomes of American citizens, the most exploited people on earth:

The “Public Sector” Has Long Been Privatized

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