Queen Elizabeth R.I.P.

Did Britain Die With Her?

Elizabeth II was a stately aristocrat who knew proper behavior and served as the longest ruling monarch in history. 15 prime ministers, not all of whom were admirable, served under her.

Prince Charles’ divorce of Diana and Prince Andrew’s divorce of Sarah Ferguson let her down. A real British aristocrat has a stiff upper lip. If they make a mistake they are supposed to live with it.

Aristocracy is out of fashion, because it is elite in the sense of behavior and manners, whereas today’s elites are based on money and the pursuit of power. Todays elites are similar to mafia gangs and drug lords. Modern day elites are out for themselves, whereas aristocrats saw themselves as having responsibilities to others.

Modern elites only see their actions as benefitting themselves.

The end of the aristocratic era brings the resurrection of barbarism.

Wherever one looks in the Western world today, barbarism is rising in presence and power.

Queen Elizabeth R.I.P.

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One thought on “Queen Elizabeth R.I.P.

  • Eleni Jousma

    She was a calculating arrogant and evil woman who signed off on the hangings of Cypriot Greek freedom fighters…and many others who sought to shake off the deadly demoralizing British yoke. Stop with glorification of the monstrosity that is and was the British era.


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