Putin’s Butt-sitting Leading to More Escalation

Russian media now turning on the butt-sitter, demanding an end to his encouragement of endless provocations by his inaction.

The editor-in-chief of the Russian state TV channel RT, Rossiya Segodnya news agency and Sputnik news agency, Margarita Simonyan, believes that after today’s attack in Sevastopol, Russia should stop turning a blind eye to the direct involvement of the West in the military conflict, limited to usual warnings and cautions.

“It is time to deliver an ultimatum in its harshest form not only to Kiev, but also to its patrons in NATO.” she said.

Western intelligence and French missiles involved in the attack.


Biden sending long range ATACMS missiles and M1A1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.  Putin’s inability to act has opened up more of Russia for missile attack. Escalation is proceeding from Putin’s unwillingness to use sufficient force to end the conflict.  Will Putin and Lavrov ever stop trying to fight a war with mere words?

Washington is creating new troubles for Russia in the former Central Asian provinces of the USSR. Putin’s inaction is producing a situation spiraling out of control.

More humiliations  imposed on Russians as a result of Putin’s Butt-sitting:

“The unelected European Commission, committed to uphold “Western Values,” has issued a decree prohibiting Russians to bring personal items when they enter the EU. Although Europeans like the French, Germans, Italians, Poles and Hungarians, Russians can no longer come to an EU member state driving their own car, and they have to leave behind their laptops, mobile phones, shampoos and dozens of other necessary items. In what is essentially a demonstration of impotence, the political commissars of the EuSSR at Brussels have ordered the humiliation of any Russian who wants or needs to visit the EU.”

Putin is failing as a war leader.

Putin’s Butt-sitting Leading to More Escalation

2 thoughts on “Putin’s Butt-sitting Leading to More Escalation


    Exactly, exactly, what would you do different?

  • Chuck Porritt

    This may be shortsighted. It’s possible that the US would like nothing more than for Russia to do further damage to the EU’s economy and sever any possible restoration of business ties.

    The answer lies in the expulsion of American military power from the Eastern Hemisphere altogether. Russia, China and Iran may be delaying their gratification. Until then Russia may restrain its responses to things that gratify its own people, while seeking to free Western Europe from the talons of the ‘U.S. EAGLE’.


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