Is the United States Targeting Russia’s Vladimir Putin for Assassination?

Ron Ridenour, an international journalist who has reported extensively on CIA murder operations, believes the United States is stepping up efforts to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The proposition may seem absolutely ludicrous given the risk of triggering a nuclear world war. But bear in mind the long history of US obsessive aggression towards Russia and the former Soviet Union. Bear in mind the CIA’s long history of murdering foreign enemies. And bear in mind the reckless, desperate gambit that the US may be calculating to trigger internal turmoil in Russia and regime change. After all, US hegemonic ambitions as the sole global imperial power are at stake here, and Putin is probably viewed as the biggest obstacle for the US to salvage its declining empire.

Ridenour points to a recent increase in Western mainstream media reports about Putin’s alleged ill-health and predictions of his death. Combined with the relentless vilification and demonization of the Russian leader in the Western media, there is a familiar modus operandi of the CIA to pave the way for eliminating foreign enemies.

Highly pertinent is the first-year anniversary of the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea on September 26. Reliable reporting by Seymour Hersh imputes the Biden administration with ordering this sabotage, which amounts to a vast crime of state-sponsored terrorism. Incredibly, not one European state has properly investigated this crime against European-owned infrastructure. That impunity afforded to the United States by European vassals to carry out an extraordinary act of criminality is emboldening the Biden administration to escalate its proxy war in Ukraine against Russia; and for the United States to take the risk of assassinating Putin for its ultimate regime change plan in Moscow.

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