Has Russia Given Up on Resisting Domination by the West?

The Kremlin has rushed to commit to China’s plan for peaceful settlement of the Ukraine conflict.  It seems that the Kremlin wants peace so much that Putin’s goal of clearing Ukraine of Nazis and demilitarizing Ukraine is now subject to negotiation.

The West sees this development as a sign that China does not support Russia’s version of the conflict, and it supports Washington’s impression that Putin is a poseur with no fight in him. Washington’s take on this is that Putin fearing defeat is desperate for a settlement.  Washington will respond to this sign of weakness with more provocations.

But is this a correct reading?  Or is the explanation that prior to announcing a Russian/Chinese mutual defense treaty, Russia and China have arranged to demonstrate, once again, the West’s refusal of an offer of a peace deal as a justification for such a formidable military alliance as Russia and China?

We know that Putin puts great store on legalisms. The West’s rejection of a third party’s peace settlement, one acceptable to Russia, makes Putin feel he has  done all he can to prevent the formation of two nuclear armed camps. Can we soon expect the announcement that Russia and China are committed to mutual defense?

Have the American neoconservatives, being the stupid warmongers that they are,  created an alliance capable of disposing of the United States? If Russia and China had the intelligence to include Iran, it would be all over for Washington, which would be reduced to impotence.  Such an alliance would be able to dominate Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Is the only question that remains how long before Russia, China, and Iran come together and dispose of us?

Has Russia Given Up on Resisting Domination by the West?

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