Can China Be Suckered Like Putin?

Now that the Biden regime’s provocation strategy of two little steps forward then two bigger steps has succeeded with Putin, the Biden regime is now going to try it on China.

The US has 30 military personnel in Taiwan and has just announced that the numbers will be raised to 100, possibly 200.  This makes for misleading headlines such as “US to Quadruple Troop Presence in Taiwan.”  Of course whether the number is 30 or 200 it is a meaningless number in the event of a conflict.

Washington knows China is not going to invade Taiwan over such a small number, and China knows Washington won’t attack China if a Chinese invasion of Taiwan results in the deaths of 100 American soldiers.  Israel killed that many Americans in Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, and Washington covered it up.  

But next it will be 1,000, possibly 2,000.  Then 10,000, possibly 20,000.  By failing to draw the line early China will find itself facing a large American army, the 7th Fleet based in Taiwan, and nuclear missiles on the island.

This is the way Washington plays the game.  Putin fell for it.  Will China also?  

Can China Be Suckered Like Putin?

One thought on “Can China Be Suckered Like Putin?

  • Joel

    Parece que el tramposo quedó trampeado en Ucrania y sucederá lo mismo o peor en Taiwan.


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