Good-bye American Liberty

Yesterday I pointed out that no facts known at this time support a Covid passport.

The Establishment is not interested in facts and has no need of them. The Establishment has the presstitute lie machine.  It creates whatever reality the Establishment wants us to live in.

Nevertheless, some facts are just overwhelming.  Consider Florida.  Long a retirement state, it is a state with a large proportion of elderly and overweight people.  For the past year Florida has not been under lockdown or a mask mandate. The state is wide open.  Consequently, one would think that Florida would have the hightest number of Covid deaths per 100,000 population.

But that is not the case.  Florida’s 154 Covid deaths per 100,000 is in the middle of the 50 states ranking.  New Jersey, a lockdown state, has a deaths per 100,000 almost twice Florida’s at 1.78 times.  Lockdowned New York’s deaths are 1.66 times higher than Floridas.  Lockdowned Massachusetts and Rhode Island Covid deaths are 1.60 times higher than Florida’s.

These numbers are from the official data.
The conclusion is that Florida, an open state with an elderly and overweight population without dockdown and mask mandates—conditions that according to the medical bureaucrats should have produced the leading high death rate—is in the middle of the pack.  

We can safely conclude that lockdowns and mask mandates are pointless.  And this conclusion does not take into account the many expert and suppressed opinions that the lockdowns and the masks do more harm than good.

Despite the facts, the corrupt Biden regime, a stolen presidency, is working with private companies who smell the profits to develop vaccine passport systems, which they allege is the only way to return to normalcy.  In other words, if you want to get out of jail, you will have to give up your privacy.  

Scared people are likely to fall for the propaganda that  the passport is a public health measure that will liberate us from lockdowns.  But Florida doesn’t have lockdowns or a vaccine passport.  Naomi Wolf warns:

“I am not overstating this. I can’t say it forcefully enough. This is literally the end of human liberty in the west if this plan unfolds as planned. Vaccine passports sound like a fine thing if you don’t understand what these platforms can do …

“It’s not about the vaccine. It’s not about the virus. It’s about your data. And once this rolls out you don’t have a choice about being part of the system. What people have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all. What that means is that it can be merged with your Paypal account, with your digital currency, Microsoft is already talking about merging it with payment plans. Your networks can be sucked up. It geolocates you wherever you go. Your credit history can be included. All of your medical history can be included.”

To keep the fear level high the medical bureaucrat who heads the Centers for Disease Control, Rochelle Walensky, preditcted yesterday, based on her feelings, impending doom from a new Covid surge. 

Allegedly, the US has had 30 million Covid cases.  Where does this number come from.  It comes from financial incentives to hospitals to report every death as a Covid death—see — and from running the PCR test at such high cycles that the test produces false positives.  In other words, the figure is an orchestrated figure in service to an agenda.

Has the public noticed that this year there has been no flu season?  The explanation is that the flu cases have been conflated with Covid cases in order to multiply the level  of Covid infection.

A population that is so easily manipulated and scared has no possibility of holding on to liberty. Eighteenth century Americans valued liberty—“give me liberty or give me death.”  Twenty-first  century Americans evidently do not.  Their acceptance of lockdowns proves their readiness for the Gulag.

Dr. Peter McCullough explains in testimony that known successful treatments of Covid were censored from the media, and this censorship was responsible for the Covid deaths.

Medical bureaucrats such as Fauci were focused on Big Pharma vaccines, not on treatment. 

Good-bye American Liberty

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