French “Democracy” Establishes Medical Tyranny

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of Global Research, has examined the new French law that defines dissent from official medical narratives as a “sectarian aberration” and criminalizes dissent from medical narratives, such as “the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective.”  

The law also creates a new crime called “provocation to abstention from medical care.”  A French citizen is guilty of a crime if the person refuses a vaccine or medical treatment handed down by authorities.  Had the law been in place during the mass vaccination campaign with the deadly mRNA “vaccine,” all who refused would have received three years imprisonment and paid a 45,000 euro fine. This ensures that next time everyone will receive the “vaccine,” because if you refuse you will be imprisoned and the prison rules will require you to be “vaccinated.”  

The new law also protects the pharmaceutical corporations from any accountability for the deaths and health damage their lies caused by criminalizing French citizens–including doctors and medical scientists–who speak against the Covid-19 “vaccines.”  This demonstrates the power of Big Pharma over democracy, which with this death blow given to free speech and medical fact no longer exists in France.

Here is Professor Chossudovsky’s account: 

This is a very serious development.  It is an official act by an alleged “Western democracy” that criminalizes truth.  For example, French medical scientists who find that the mRNA “vaccines” result in death and health injury will be imprisoned if they report their findings.  The new French law takes the determination of medical fact out of the hands of medical scientists.  The “fact” henceforth is whatever Big Pharma’s paid shills among politicians and medical “authorities” say it is.

Something similar has occurred in Germany.  The distinguished German attorney Reiner Fuellmich was about to file a lawsuit supported by thousands of medical doctors and attorneys against the mRNA manufacturers when he was kidnapped by the German state and imprisoned in Germany where he is currently standing trial on trumped up charges brought by what appears to be paid “witnesses.”

This is not the way democracies operate.  As I have written on many occasions, Western countries have ceased to be democracies.  The people have no voice.  The countries are governed by the agendas of the elites and powerful corporations with the money to purchase the laws that serve their agendas and interests.  The people who run for office are the people approved by these elites.  Trump was the exception, and look at what has happened to him.  The ruling elite have made their point: “Cross us and we will destroy you.”

Western governments serve at the expense of the people the material interests of the powerful and ideologies such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”  Dutch and Irish governments are dispossessing under the rubric of “global warming” farmers of their flocks of sheep and herds of cattle, thereby driving up food prices by curtailing the supplies of meat, milk, butter, and cheese, while simultaneously allowing entry to hordes of immigrant-invaders whose support the people are forced to undertake.  Today a “Western democracy” is an institution that forces citizens to support interests that are not their own.

We are now witnessing, with the new French law, with the German government’s kidnapping of Reiner Fuellmich, with the American persecution of medical scientists who truthfully reported the mRNA danger, the Stalinist indictments of President Trump, and with media that no longer serve as watchdogs over the government but as propaganda ministries for government lies, the legalization and institutionalization of the tyranny that has displaced democracy in the Western world.

A large percentage of Western peoples are so indoctrinated and brainwashed that they do not see what is happening.  Moreover, Western countries having been turned into towers of babel means there is no social unity, which makes it impossible to oppose the tyranny as some of the diverse elements see tyranny useful in suppressing political and ideological opponents.  In the US the Democrats’ policy of wide-open borders for “people of color” but not for whites is dispossessing Americans of their own country.  Despite public opposition to the policy, it has moved into high gear with, according to official numbers, entry each year of immigrant-invaders in numbers equivalent to 12 cities the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the goal is to replace the white American population who are powerless to do anything about it.

Meanwhile the Western governments foment wars with Russia, China, and Iran and expect the demoralized citizens they are dispossessing to supply the army.

Does the Kremlin comprehend that its de-nazification agenda cannot be limited to Ukraine but must be applied to the entirety of the Western world?

French “Democracy” Establishes Medical Tyranny

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