Fact Check Sites Serve to Control the Narrative for Their Funders

Many and perhaps all “fact check” sites are disinformation sites operated or funded by interests intent on controlling the narrative on matters relating to their interests. One such site is Coronavirus World Updates now on its 733 day.
On day 732 the site linked to a “Fact check” by Daniel Funk in the Nov. 18 USA Today.

Here are some of the actual facts that are straight from official records:

1) Gibraltar’s entire population is Covid vaccinated, including the Spaniards who cross the border each day to work. But everyone still has to wear a mask, and Christmas has been cancelled because Covid cases are exploding.

2) Dr. Gerand Delepine has compiled from official data in a number of countries that mortality and illnesses rise with vaccination.

3) Thousands of doctors and medical scientists have called for a halt to the vaccination campaign on the grounds that the vaccine is more dangerous than Covid.
https://www.globalresearch.ca/thousands-physicians-medical-scientists-sign-rome-declaration-protest-launch-new-information-platform/5757188 and

4) The Covid Vaccine does not protect, thus endless masks and boosters, and the vaccinated spread the virus as easily as the unvaccinated.

Here is what Daniel Funk’s “fact check” claims:

1) Funk’s “evidence” that the vaccine protects is that vaccine makers found the vaccine to be safe and effective at preventing “severe Covid-19 cases” and although “immunity wanes over time” the vaccine protects against infection and spread. No evidence is offered. Funk’s evidence seems to be that the FDA approved the vaccine.

2) UK and other countries’ hospitals report that most of their Covid patients are the vaccinated. But Funk says “clinical trials indicate the vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are about 95% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections.” Funk says, “The vaccine rollout has affirmed those findings.” What the rollout has confirmed is that any protection offered quickly erodes and a booster is needed after 6 months. Moreover, Funk ignores the damage done by the vaccine both in adverse reactions and damage to the innate immune system.

Funk’s “evidence” is official claims and professors dependent on Big Pharma research grants. Funk makes no mention of the large number of scientists and published papers showing the Covid protocol to be more dangerous than Covid.

If I had to bet, I would bet that Coronavirus World Updates is funded either by Big Pharma in the interest of its profits or by the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” in the interest of its depopulation agenda. Readers should be aware that there is very little pharmaceutical research in universities that is not funded by Big Pharma. This biases the research in Big Pharma’s interests.

If any reader knows of an honest fact check site that is not operating to control the narrative in the interests of its funders, please let me know.

Fact Check Sites Serve to Control the Narrative for Their Funders

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