Cracks In The Covid Narrative

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The Covid Narrative that has been coercively imposed on distinguished medical scientists and knowledgeable commentators with censorship and loss of employment, on military and medical personnel with illegal mandates, on school children by corrupt school administrators, on family members by fearful and stupid relatives, and on athletes by incompetent team owners and sports officials is falling apart in front of our eyes. But the fight is not over. Some countries, such as Austria and Australia, have been almost completely nazified. Every Western government has proven to be devoid of integrity and unworthy of trust. In today’s postings there is good news and bad news. Let the good news give you hope and the bad news give you a fighting spirit. It is imperative to understand that every institution of the establishment is our enemy. Courageous medical scientists who kept speaking the truth, Internet websites that could not be intimidated, and the Truckers’ Protest in Canada have cracked the Covid Deception wide open. Let’s make sure that, like Humpty Dumpty, it cannot be put back together again. Fauci, a mass murderer, must be held accountable. The vaccine makers must be held accountable. The politicians and school boards must be held accountable. And the sordid media that called truth “disinformation” must be held accountable. We will not be safe until we hold these despicable beings accountable. We must not forgive and forget, or they will be again at our throat.

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Cracks In The Covid Narrative

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