America needs to start a war with China by 2025

A US General’s recent comments suggesting the US and China will enter military conflict in 2025 has raised more than a few eyebrows, but should we be worried? Or can we just disregard such threats as an individual’s warmongering crap?

Today we have a special guest, political commentator and former US marine Brian Berletic, to help us understand what might be going on here. This is Reports on China, I’m Andy Boreham in Shanghai. Let’s get reporting!

Brian Berletic, a former US marine and now a popular YouTuber and political commentator, recently wrote a piece for New Eastern Outlook titled “Why the US seeks War with China by 2025,” which highlights Washington’s continued aggression toward China over the Taiwan issue.

He wrote: “Potential war between the US and China, if it takes place, will merely be the most recent example of US military aggression in pursuit of global hegemony targeting and attempting to undermine another nation’s sovereignty in violation of international law, not as a means to uphold it. As the US often does, the lead up to this potential war sees the US projecting its own menace toward international law, peace and stability onto the very target of US military aggression, in this case China.”

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