Trump’s “We’ve Secured the Oil” Sleight of Hand

About “the oil” in Syria, which Donald Trump is deliberately pushing on social media…

As I have alluded to a few times, I don’t believe the thesis that the US political system is some unitary block, and thus we can say that the US just wants oil and that’s it.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

This Syrian “oil” game is deliberate and part of the lengthy and complex anti-“deep state” process of pulling out. The aesthetics of this scenario are very carefully calculated and implemented. 

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Here is a slightly extended version of the footage:

Some media personalities simply couldn’t imagine that the US could behave in such a way! That poor image of the US, which of course isn’t already tarnished….

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Since discovery of oil in MidEast, many in region said: U.S. only here to steal our oil.

U.S. denied, claimed it’s about democracy, human rights, women etc.

Not sure if Americans realize but these pictures of U.S. troops in northeast Syria are HUGELY damaging to U.S. image.

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Elijah Magnier has stated many times that a group of US troops cannot stay for long in the middle of the desert. Especially within the framework of a general pullout. Moreover, the US does not have an aim in Syria anymore. Looting some oil is hardly going to bring any fruits.

Let’s pick the timeline up at the moment when Trump, Putin, and Erdogan reach an agreement over throwing the Kurds under the bus. It doesn’t matter what he said on Twitter during this operation, the fact remains that he green-lighted Operation Peace Spring. What are the results of this operation? Lots of northeastern territory was handed over to the Syrian Arab Army, including the strategically important Tabqa Dam. This is the same dam the Kurds used to blow up and sabotage in order to screw over “the regime”.

Sukhoi Su-57 Felon 🇷🇺🇮🇳@I30mki

For the first time in many years, an official delegation from visited a dam in the city of Tabka, which is under the joint control of and .@200_zoka @SEEKINGTHETRU17 @News_From_Syria @johnhand9 @SSNP_SYR @SteeleM35085377 @saptak__mondal

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Oops, how dare you Trump! You gave Assad this very valuable dam!

Obviously, images of the Syrian Army entering town after town and raising the Syrian flag are too damaging for Trump and allow his domestic foes to scream “you’ve betrayed our Kurd partners! You are helping the Assad regime”, etc. Not to mention Russian Military Police buzzing around too.

Brett McGurk was very vocal on Twitter about his dissatisfaction with Trump’s actions. The narrative was clear: “Trump has abandoned the Kurd partners”. For some reason, Turkey – a NATO member – suddenly became less valuable than the roaming Kurds. In general, there is a trend where a neocon spouts off in the media against Trump concerning foreign policy. Whether it was the US-Ukraine ambassador under Poroshenko (Yovanovitch), or Kurt Volker, or Brett McGurk, or Lindsay Graham, a pattern was emerging. Neocons don’t like Trump.

In the background of all this we have Schiff, Pelosi, and her band of Democrat rogues holding secret meetings on impeaching Trump. We again see political figures taking a side of the barricades. Neocons vs Trumpists. Liberal vs conservative. CIA vs Trump. Trump put token “sanctions” on Turkey during Operation Peace Spring, which didn’t even make sense, since he okayed the offensive. I.e., it was just PR in his fight against the “deep state”. The sanctions were immediately lifted after the operation ended, even though the Kurdish “valuable partners” had been betrayed. How convenient…

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Most importantly, Turkey’s losses from these “sanctions” equal zero. Turkey’s gains from the military operation are off the scale. Anyone who thinks that these sanctions were designed to hurt Turkey need only to remember that Turkey can hurt the US much more than the US can hurt Turkey. As soon as McGurk and those like him were parroting in unison “save the Kurds”, Trump suddenly wheels out the Twitter debut of “the oil” term. And he did this not just once, but systematically, like his “fake news” meme. That’s some strange pullout…

Of course, US citizens on average learn about what’s happening in Syria from the mainstream media. I.e., simulacra is injected into their brains. They will believe anything – even that al-Baghdadi was killed and dumped at sea.

But CNN & Co were parroting about the poor Kurds. And it wasn’t just CNN. The BBC was also shedding crocodile tears for the dear Kurds, like all the UK liberal media. They didn’t give a shit about them before, and certainly said nothing about NATO partner Turkey sponsoring ISIS and looting Syrian oil, but suddenly it is boo hoo for the Kurds…

At the same time that Operation Peace Spring was ongoing, we saw footage of columns of US troops/equipment leaving Syria for neighbouring Iraq, which in the end didn’t give them permission to stay. The Kurds indeed felt betrayed, pelting the column with tomatoes and eggs. Question: were the US and their Kurd proxies guarding the oil fields before Operation Peace Spring? The facts say yes! It’s been known for years that this has been going on. It’s just that the cameras were nowhere to be seen. It was a covert CIA operation. Fast forward to post-operation, and we see such large media presence at the oil fields, with photographers even allowed to setup a tripod. Why was this not seen before? Even during Bush’s Iraq invasion? Very suspicious to say the least…


Al-Hasakah: Northern countryside
Photos showing the deployment of US forces in Syria’s oil field in the Rumailan oil field in northeastern Syria.

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In fact, returning to the beginning of this article, it’s not just the odd photo we are seeing, but actual professionally made (by a Kurdish agency) footage, with the trucks parked next to an oil pumpjack. How more flagrant can it be?

So what’s the point of all this? Let’s do a quick before and after comparison:

  • Before Operation Peace Spring the US and Kurds controlled the oil fields.
  • After Operation Peace Spring – the US and Kurds control the oil fields.

Okay, so nothing changed here (besides the sudden emergence of photos and videos from the oil fields). But what about the rest of the territory?

Trump’s actions have resulted in the Syrian Arab Army – the Army of the “evil regime” that “bombs the last hospital(s)” and “uses Sarin against its own people” – reclaiming a lot of the territory the CIA robbed after Aleppo’s liberation. No wonder the “deep state” is pissed. And here is why “the oil” arrived. US trucks left Syria for a couple of days (a “pullout”), enough time to let camera crews and the general media to get setup, and then came back to the oil fields. At the same time, most of the northeast was handed to Assad. Trump achieves the following by doing this:

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a) convinces naive senators/congressmen that “oil is being taken”;

b) convinces US laypeople, the kind that watch the NFL and sing the Star Spangled Banner as their home is subjected to a foreclosure, that “the US is winning”;

c) distracts from the recent territorial gifts given to Assad, which amount to treason for the military-industrial complex and AIPAC;

d) dodges the neocon information warfare bullets, such as “pulling out of Syria will help ISIS”.

Concerning Russia’s statement and subsequent release of satellite footage showing US trucks near oil fields – this is an act that is against the CIA and helps Trump continue the “oil” fairytale that he is selling back home. Why didn’t Russia do this before? After all, military satellites – assuming that there isn’t any jamming going on – can see more or less everything that is going on. Russia has known about the US’ oil occupation since the very beginning. But only now are photos released. A coincidence it is not.

In addition, the thesis “Trump is depriving Syria of oil” doesn’t hold water. Iran can deliver 2-3 months worth of oil via its tankers, as we have seen, with little resistance. Syria is not short of friends who can give it oil or the means to buy it. The Kurds are hardly rich from their ventures either, otherwise “Rojava” would have become Switzerland pretty quickly. Instead it was funded by Riyadh, until Eurasia carried out an “inspection” of the Aramco facility and the Foreign Minister was fired. In parallel to oilgate, US assets are still withdrawing. Is the mainstream media reporting this? I don’t think so. They are fixated on “the oil”, which was “secured”. And now Baghdadi is “gone”, and there is “impeachment”, and maybe there will be a China trade deal?


A huge convoy of vehicles and soldiers from the American forces withdrew this morning from the base of Sreen towards the Iraqi border.

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Trump knows that the “fake news media” can only juggle so many topics at once, so the “oil” carrot is enough to distract attention away from the fact that Trump handed to the “Assad regime” a lot of land. After all, the US media won’t dare to criticise “feats” in the Pentagon’s favourite hobby – oil grabbing! What’s interesting is how Trump will transition from the “oil” narrative to one stipulating an actual full pullout. Maybe he will wait until the Syrian constitution is sorted out and the Kurds are slotted back into Syrian statehood. The US election isn’t until November 2020, so he a lot of time to work with.

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The Democrats are now forced to “impeach” him at the level of Congress, but it will blow up in their faces. On November 2nd Trump landed a blow on the Democrats, and the neocon media is scrambling to cover up the fact that Trump enjoys popularity in New York.

Tara LaRosa


: Pres. Trump arrives at Madison Square Garden to a positive reaction from the crowd ahead of  .

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Summary: Trump’s team invented “the oil” narrative in order to distract from the territorial gifts handed to Assad. Nothing changed at these oil fields at all. Trucks left for a bit and came back. Cameras were invited in. It’s all a carefully designed spectacle. Judging by what is seen below, and also by Trump’s past statements about Crimea (example), it is obvious that he will force the Kurds to reintegrate into Syria. This is connected to his battle with the military-industrial complex and Federal Reserve too, both of which act as parasites on the US economy.

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Absolutely incredible statement!

“Trump then peppered Volker with his negative views of Ukraine, suggesting that it wasn’t a ‘real country,’ that it had always been a part of Russia, and that it was ‘totally corrupt’.” 

A presidential loathing for Ukraine is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry

‘We could never quite understand it. … He just hated Ukraine,’ a former senior White House official said.

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Lastly, the tweet below is very interesting. It would appear that the Kurds are starting to look further than the end of their own nose. I just know that once the yuan starts flowing, “Rojava” will suddenly seem like a bad idea.

Aveek Sen


How times change: Kurd accounts tweeting against US and calling US army mercenaries 

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I guess the moral of the story is to always take a Trump tweet with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, he created a Twitter account in order to combat the neocon media machine. And it is working.

Ollie Richardson@O_Rich_

Just goes to show how things can change in the space of ~4 years. @CNN used to be at the top. As is said: control the media space, control the country. 


Cable News Rankings Sun Oct 27

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P.S. I just saw this news: “US military convoy comes under fire of Turkey-backed militants in Syria, no casualties“. My initial thought is that it’s not an accident. Erdogan and Putin can exercise their leverage too to speed up certain processes (such as a withdrawal). By the way, how funny that the FSA is now attacking US troops. Such is the boomerang.

P.P.S. Concerning this article entitled “If U.S. Takes Syrian Oil, It May Violate International Laws Against Pillage“, it’s as if Trump is deliberately trying to highlight the illegal nature of the CIA’s actions in Syria. Otherwise, how to explain the emergence of such an article at this current moment in time?

Trump’s “We’ve Secured the Oil” Sleight of Hand

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