How the Media LIES: An American Journalist’s Story

TMJ News Network – Journalist and CEO of Mint Press News, Mnar Adley recounts her lived experiences during apartheid, how it shaped her perspectives, and ultimately fueled her work as the first hijabi anchor and broadcaster in the United States.

00:00 Intro
What it takes to be a Journalist today
03:27 Living through Apartheid
06:30 How the Media weaponizes democracy
07:45 Starting MintPress News
09:18 Working for Mainstream Media
12:40 Becoming first American Muslim Broadcaster in hijab
15:28 Media directly funded by Israeli lobby groups
18:19 Israel is a proxy state
20:45 Propaganda in media
23:56 Genocide is broadcast on social media
27:10 Palestine is a red line for Muslims
29:40 Muslims are victims of propaganda
32:00 Bias in reporting as a Palestinian
People demand the truth
40:53 Israel targets Journalists on the ground
42:53 Breaking the cycles of violence and trauma
44:47 Conclusion

One thought on “How the Media LIES: An American Journalist’s Story

  • Guy St Hilaire

    Thank Mnar for your contribution to the awakening of humanity’s hearts .
    Much love for you, family and friends.


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