Nasrallah sets rules of engagement

Popular and political reactions to the speech of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah ranged from those who welcomed the fact that the resistance leader did not act emotionally despite the harshness of the Palestinian moment, to those who acted with “disappointment” because they believed or bet on more “harsh” positions against the occupation.

Let us be clear, the people of the Gaza Strip are the only ones who have the right to demand more from Hezbollah and its leader, but the matter turns into a sick joke when comments are made by people or entities that historically represent the anti-resistance line. Meanwhile, the White House stated, “The United States does not want to see the conflict between Hamas and Israel expand into Lebanon,” however the US escalated on its own that “it is unimaginable to imagine the potential devastation that would befall Lebanon and its people if the conflict expands.” In a direct threat to Lebanon in the event it keeps up the open confrontation with Zionist Israel.

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