Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Speaks: Supports Palestinians, Won’t Rush to Hamas’ Aid

Update on Israeli military operations in Gaza for November 6, 2023…

– Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has given his first public speech regarding the Israeli-Gaza conflict since this latest fighting began on October 7, 2023;

– Nasrallah has provided rhetorical support for Hamas and its October 7 raids, however, has distanced Hezbollah, Iran and other nations/organizations in the region from Hamas’ preparations and decision to conduct the operation;

– Nasrallah cites Hezbollah’s skirmishes with Israeli forces to demonstrate the organization is engaged in the fight, however as Hezbollah has done in past Israeli-Hamas fighting, the organization will not rush to Hamas’ aid;

– While Hezbollah has mobilized forces in the past to fight beyond Lebanon’s borders, as it did in Syria for the better part of a decade, it understand the true nature of Hamas’ origins and actions in recent years, which included sending fighters to Syria where Hezbollah fought them;

– Hezbollah is attempting to support the Palestinian cause without falling into the trap laid out by Hamas’ actions;

– Hezbollah, Iran, and even Russia have attempted to influence Hamas to pivot away from their current use as a provocation-on-demand used by US-Israeli policy makers, and toward a legitimate political and resistance organization that can play a constructive role toward peace;

– At the moment, no military support will be lent to Hamas while attempts will continue to reshape Hamas in the future into an organization that could possibly attract wider support, including military support;


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