Iran-South Korea Feud–MES EP.194

South Korea and Iran recalled their ambassadors, against the backdrop of a diplomatic dispute sparked by the statements of South Korean President Yoon Sok Yul, who described Iran as the “enemy” of the UAE, during his visit to the UAE last week.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry handed South Korea’s ambassador to Tehran a strongly worded note of protest, stressing that it was “studying and following up Yoon’s intrusive remarks, and awaiting an explanation from the Foreign Ministry in Seoul.”

Meanwhile, a 66-year-old Saudi preacher and academic Awad bin Mohammed Al-Qarni, has been handed a death sentence for using social media platforms— Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, to spread news considered “hostile” to the Kingdom. British newspapers stated that it had seen Saudi court documents and details of the charges against Al-Qarni by his son, Nasser, who fled the Kingdom in 2022 and is currently living in the United Kingdom after requesting protection.

In 2022, the Kingdom executed 147 people, including the mass execution of 81 in one day. And as of December 2022, at least 61 people face the death penalty inside Saudi Arabia.

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