Hezbollah retaliates against Israel

There is no doubt that the assassination by the Israeli occupation of the second-ranking figure in the Hamas movement, Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, in the southern suburbs of Beirut, in addition to being a terrorist attack, is a pivotal point in the course of the war that has been ongoing for the past three months in Gaza, Palestine, and the region as a whole.

This act may elevate this war to a new level that is not easily anticipated or precisely defined. In the Gaza Strip, without officially announcing it, the Israeli occupation army has effectively entered the third stage of the conflict, which involves a gradual reduction in the size of forces and a focus on active arenas.

As for Lebanon, the circumstances are complex to no less extent, and they may worsen. Not because Hezbollah and Hamas will seek revenge for the death of al-Arouri, but because Zionist Israel finds itself in a delicate situation that might push it towards a broader military operation if political efforts do not mature.


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