FBI Whistleblowers Testify Before Congress About Organization’s Political Bias

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul discussed several domestic and international topics, including the FBI whistleblowers testifying before Congress about an apparent bias against conservatives.

Elijah Magnier – Veteran War Correspondent
Ted Harvey – Former Colorado State Senator
John Kiriakou – Co-host of Political Misfits on Radio Sputnik
Jeremy Kuzmarov – Author & Managing editor of CovertAction Magazine

In the first hour, veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier spoke with the Fault Lines team about the Arab League summit currently taking place in Jeddah.

In the second hour, former Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey joined Fault Lines to discuss the FBI Whistleblowers’ concerns about the organization’s bias against conservative in front of Congress.

Later in the second hour, co-host of Political Misfits John Kiriakou spoke to the Fault Lines hosts about Rudy Giuliani’s legal troubles after being sued for defamation by the supermarket employee he accused of assault.

In the third hour, author Jeremy Kuzmarov spoke with the team in studio about the G-7 Summit and the push to isolate Russia globally and economically.


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